Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ruby's Party!

Alright, today was such a fun day and i realized after i thought about posting about 12 pictures on facebook that i might as well do it on here instead and relive the day!

Today was Ruby's 7th birthday!  (I can't believe she is seven.)  And for the first time ever, i decided she could have a "friend" party. Family always seems to be busy and i thought what better time than now to start this new tradition? 

We invited all the girls in her class.  I did NOT want to only invite only the close friends because it could very well (and probably most definitely) get out and someones feelings would be hurt. I did not want that happening.  I thought there was only 8 ish girls in her class...but after writing out invites, realized there was actually 13. Oh, boy...

I made the food Ruby requested and waited for the first guests to arrive.  It was glorious.  We took a few pictures as we waited...

After reviewing the photos, i noticed i looked like a little hoggish and decided to change shirts and brush my hair again...

The girls came one by one and Ruby was so pleased.  Each new arrival signaled a group of screaming girls who came up or ran down the stairs to meet their friend.  It was amazingly fun. 

Before we ate lunch i asked the girls to sit on the couch so i could take a picture...

                  They didn't exactly listen so i asked again...(should have taken that as a warning)

  Then we waited for the hot dogs to finish up on the grill and they all decided (not me) that they were going out side...and out they went.

                      Was safety a concern with 12 people on the trampoline?  Yes, yes it was.

   After lunch we went back outside to get ready to hit the pinata!  My favorite part...

 As we were hitting the pinata and having fun thats when the second little bout of girl problems happened.  One little girl went to swing on the swing as the rest of the girls took their turn.  I realized this and stopped the activity to yell to her to come over and after a bit of talking she informed me that she was mad because so and so was being mean to her...which lead to so and so defending her actions and a few other girls adding their two cents...Fhewwww....this girl stuff, i tell ya....they're going to have a long school career if they are already being mean to each other...Oy.

  At one point, i caught Ruby inside just sitting on the couch. Alone. In the quiet. Just as content as can be...
She covered her head when she realized i was taking a picture.  This is when i started to realize that my girl doesn't need all the flair other kids need. She likes quietness, routine and her house.  (Note to self for next year.)

                                    Inside the festivities were under way--PRESENTS!

Ruby opened this monster doll thing and looked at me nervously at first and i shook my head and then she made this cute little sneaky smile...It may have been cute at first, but she is not keeping that thing.

Then we had cake (and i broke up a few more girl fights down stairs).  All in all it was a really fun day and i think Ruby liked it, but i also know that she really liked it when everyone was gone and her and Laney could play Barbies together again-- minus the girl drama that exists among 7year olds!

After everyone left, we changed into our "comfy" clothes and Ruby said she did want to go and get her ears pierced!!(which earlier that day had changed as all the girls chimed in on how much it hurt and how much they cried when they got their ears pierced. Thanks girls!) Our birthday promise to her.  Jeromy and i were excited and we loaded the car and headed to Northtown (even though all i wanted to do was put on sweats and watch t.v)

Ruby was very brave when we got there. Never wavering in her decision. I was proud and shocked, but i guess not surprised. She's my tough bug.

Not a tear was shed and she barely even winced...unless you were her mother, you probably didn't even see it!

It's been a great day.  A memorable day.  I love that little face.

                                                     Happy 7th Birthday my love!!

Now...where is that warm bath and book...i've got some relaxing to do!! :)

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  1. What a fun party and what an awesome Mom! Looks like Ruby had a great bday!