Thursday, December 6, 2012

Carry on.

The Holidays usually bring about many emotions. And i used to have sheer joy when i thought about Christmas. Or almost anything.

And I think i still do, for the most part.

But every once in a while we can get a little bug in our behinds that makes us feel sorry for ourselves for this reason or that.

And some times its justified.

Because life is hard.

But i also believe that we can pull ourselves out of it too. By focusing on what we DO have.

The other night as i was driving in the car, my newest favorite song came on. Its more of an anthem than a song. And it reminded me of all that is right in the world. And even what isn't right--Doesn't have to control me.  Bad relationships don't control me. Bad people don't have the power to hurt me. Brokenness doesn't have to overtake us.

Unless we let it.

For all that is wrong. I have something even better and more powerful that is right.

I have my Mom and Dad. And i have a brother like no other to have ever walked this planet.  So for all the broken relationships that i have that i feel aren't fair or have hurt me, or my husband, or my children. I always remind myself of the good people.

And i wouldn't take one thing on this earth if it meant that i didn't have those three in my corner.

And that reminds me to be so very grateful for what i do have. Because the love of those people in my life, is greater than any other love i can (tangibly) receive.

When i think of the people who have hurt "my people" it boils my blood.  I think of family. Friends. Co workers.(coworkers? I don't even work) Anyone who crosses those three people, crosses me as well.  And not that i will dwell on the hand that they have been dealt or the unfairness they have received. I will say this. We're a team. You hurt my people, you hurt me.  (That sounds a bit too Godfathery--doesn't it?)

Back to my anthem for life.

I felt sadness the other day, for a brief moment. Until I envisioned my beautiful friend Gwendolyn. And I thought of her in pain. I saw it. And it hurt my insides. To see her hurt for a loss in her life. Physically pained me as well.

I will never comprehend the life she has lead having lost her mother at such a young age. But i can be a friend to her. I want to. I need to.  I want to make it all better and take away her pain. But i can't.  So i will have to walk along beside her. (i'm with ya sister!)

Whenever we think we are hurting, we need to look around us and see other peoples needs and other peoples hurts. And we need to love them. And forget ourselves. Cause God has given us life and many blessings. And we can't ignore them.

Love someone today.

And carry on....