Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Momma knows best

Since my brain is running on all cylinders for the moment, i better get this out.

Lately i have been called out (by my MOTHER, no less) about my acts on facebook..

Total bummer.

And though i defend them and throw in a few "Chillax, Mom's" into our disagreements, now i just feel kinda bad.

Okay, i said "i hate Beyonce and Jay-Z" and as my Mom pointed out that when we say hate, it mean we wish they were dead.  And i know this. i do. I don't let my kids say hate. (to which my mom pointed out "then why do i say it?!" Ugh,. can't win!!)

"You can't say hate in one sentence and then quote a verse from the bible in another, Chrisssssstina." ( i may have added the "ssssss" for effect, she didn't really say it like that)

And maybe she scolded me when i said something about my friends husbands underwear ("but Angie LIKED it, Mom, she did--she thought it was funny too!!!!")

And she might have read about 400 posts that i wrote between my two favorite girls via long distance slap-happy-super-quick-messaging. But that wasn't intended for her eyes, okay?  Yes, i put it on facebook for the whole world to see, but come ON?!?!  Dontcha know me, Mom?!?  (i'm the one you tell to "settle down" just about every time you see me) ;)

Well, wouldn't ya know.....all that scolding has made me feel bad and made me feel the need to apologize. Cause it might--MIGHT--have been inappropriate and may be hurting the cause of Christ. When i speak about the deep love and reliance that i have in Him in one breath---and then say i hate Beyonce in the other.


And i am sorry if any of my words have lead anyone astray or may have confused anyone of where I stand and who my heart belongs to.  

'Cause its Jesus.

I now officially just "don't love Beyonce". But i wish her well. And as far as Adams underwear goes.....well. that not my business, I GUESS!!! ;)

Its fun to be fun. I am being 99% humorous in every part of my day!

So, with that.....please don't be offended by me and i will try not to let my "social highs" get the best of me or allow me to make poor choices.  (Psalms 19:14 "Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart be perfect and pleasing to you.")

Buts its going to be reaaaaal hard.....

Mom is right. Like always--and that's what i love about her--and the freakishly high standard that she sets for me!!

James 4:17 " So whoever knows the right thing to do and then fails to do it, for him it is sin."

....unless they're just joking???