Wednesday, June 8, 2011

So, I got animals.

I know many of you have heard bits and pieces about the little hobby farm that is starting at the Boone house. I also know that many of you have been giving me a hard time about it...(you know who you are;)

So, i thought i would share in our new little adventures.

In April I had decided that I wanted chickens.  My neighbor had some and we talked about it and i decided that was a great thing for us to have too.  Jeromy wasn't so much on board, so i didn't push it.  Every week i would mention it and Jeromy would always say he didn't want any. He never quite told me "No", but he definitely made it clear that this was something that I wanted, and not him :)  When Mothers Day rolled around i said i just wanted chicks for Mothers Day!  I was visiting at my parents and my brother, Tim had this great book about raising animals on a quarter acre, or something like that. Well, i had two acres, i could definitely do this, right?   He was on board and volunteered to build me a coop if I wanted one. (that in itself is amazing. Brother and sister on the same page?  It was a miracle! ;) 

Well, Mothers day came and went and I didn't get any chicks.  Which was fine, because even though i wanted them verbally, i was kind of mentally thinking...maybe, maybe not? 

Finally Jeromy had a day off of work and i said, lets just go and get some chicks. The kids had been excited and i was ready to do this. My wonderful neighbor game me her hamster cage to borrow and i felt set.  Off we went. Down the road and towards the Anoka/Ramsey area. 

Finally, chicks!  We got into the garden/farm center and took a big whiff of...stinky butt! Yuck.  Okay, i can do this, i can do this.  We looked at all the chicks running around in little bins and it was fun.  That was until Jeromy pulled me into another room where the chicks were a little bigger. And scary!  A bunch of the chicks were pecking at the hurt ones and feathers were gone and there was a rooster jumping from bin to bin cock-a-doodle-do'ing....Oh, boy!  That was it, after a few minutes of looking and attempting to act excited i said  "We're out of here. No way, no how am i gonna have one of those disgusting and scary things!"  Jeromy smiled on the inside, i just know it. And off we went. The kids were super crabby at me and that was fine. I felt traumatized by what I saw. Those poor chickens that were getting picked on, I just couldn't deal with that. Couldn't.

After getting told over and over again that the kids were "So mad at me!"  They seemed to get over it and we went on with our night.  Perfect. Dodged a bullet there.

The next day at the bus stop, Ruby ran out  before me and I heard Sydney (my sweet little neighbor) say "Who's afraid  of the chickens?"   That stinker Ruby was calling me out and making me look like a big ol baby (which i totally am)  Well, i couldn't have that. I marched right out there and explained my a 3rd grader.

It was that moment where i had a little talk with myself. I am the leader. I am in charge of these chickens, and I can do this. I had to be intentional about tyring to embrace this. I was going to like and care for these animals. For my kids. I wanted them to have a great experience. Like i always say, this is their childhood that i am creating. It may be hard for me, but its going to be awesome for them. I can do it.

That was it, when Ruby got home, we were packing up the van and we were getting chicks!  They didn't even have a choice. Off we went. I got there, swallowed my fear and asked the guy to pick out the best ones for me.  He said if you want 4, buy 6...that did NOT make me feel any better about this decision.

Home we came with 6 chicks and a totally freaked out mom.  What was I doing? 

Thankfully me neighbor is the best ever and she stood right by me and helped me when i needed it and actually came over to clean one of my chicks "goopy butt"  (i know gross, sorry)  I just coudlnt' do it, ugggg, i am gagging in my mouth just thinking about it.  She told me that she gave her chickens hard boiled egg yolks as a treat and oatmeal and other things. She showed me the ropes.  Though, secretly , i knew it would be OVER MY DEAD BODY that i ever cook for my pets! 

I took special care of my chicks and started to love them. And then one died. Traumatic! We were all there outside with it when it just flipped over and was awful and sad. Ruby took it the hardest. Laney, on the other hand, couldn't figure out why Ruby was crying AS we were burying little Aerial!

Well, wouldn't ya know it. I was back at the feed store buying two more chicks a few days later and i was boiling the heck out of every egg in this house. Treats for my flock? Absolutely :) Anything to make them happy! (and live) :)


Well, how 'bout that, just about the time we get used to our 7 chicks we are at my nephews birthday party and my Mom mentioned to us that she saw a sign for free kittens.  I didn't think twice about it, but Jeromy was intrigued.  They chatted about it and enjoyed the party. That was that.

As we were driving home, i (for reasons unknown to me) asked Jeromy where my Mom saw that sign?  He told me on 10 and we decided to just take that way home instead. You know, just to "look".  We saw the sign, stopped and went inside. The parents had three little kids just like ours and they brought out the first kitty . (there were only 2 left) Honestly, when i saw the cat i though it would be the last one i would ever pick. I like a gray tabby, maybe an orange and white, but blackish? Never. Definetly never.

 Two minutes later we were walking to the car holding that darn blackish kitten. The kids were so excited and Jeromy seemed to be reverting to a child like love for that kitty too.

One trip to Walmart and a few meows later, i told Jeromy "I can't do this!" Its a lifelong commitment and its so in my face. At least the chickens are outside (or will be soon) But this cat, this cat will be around me forever!  And what if, heaven forbid, it jumps on the counter!!??! Uck. Never. I can't do this. In the morning just bring it back, please...

Morning came and Jeromy was up a few times with the kitty at night. Actually more then he was ever up with our new born children! :)  In the same sentence i started to say "just bring her home", i ended with  "Maybe we should get her sister too?" Jeromy jumped at the chance to have another and off he and Laney went. And he came home with a crazy loudly meowing kitty.   What had we done?

That was three days ago, and the kids are in total heaven loving on their cats.  And i am happy about the choice too. They are kind of cute. Laney needed something to snuggle. She needed it!  That poor kitty. Laney got the crazy one who freaks out when you pick her up, but if anyone can break it, its Laney:)

So, some may say hobby farm and that's okay with me. Hey, if I could have a cow and a goat too, i would enjoy it!

So, here's to crazy houses with long as they don't smell like them, i am okay with it.  Now, if i could just keep my dog from wanting to eat my cats and my cats from wanting to eat my birds...

I suppose i can't leave out the one who started this all...Gus, our loyal dog.