Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Recess, who knew?

This last 5 months i have been subbing for recess duty...wait, no its only been 8 days so far....feels like a bit more, i guess.

Anywhooo, i have learned so much as i watch the kids at recess. Its amazing what you can see in a 4th grader, that i am pretty sure you will still see in them when they are grown ups.  I see the kids who are loners (some by choice, others not) i see the girls who lock hands an walk together, i see the few who group off and sit and talk, i hear kids actually try to set each other up. I hear girls talk about the boys they like and watch as the boys don't care at all.  I see the kids who obviously play too many video games and the ones who love sports. I see the kids pretending to attack each other and the girls who are interested in nothing but gymnastics. I have noticed no one can report a problem better than a kindergarten girl and no one listens less than a 4th grade boy.  I find my huge size isn't as intimidating as i had hoped and that a random wink makes a few kids happy.  High fives are king out there. And when i say "have a good day and be kind to others" as the bell rings, no one even looks back at me.
That is the life of a recess sub. And i kind of love it. I mean, its hard. I feel like there is no way i am ready to be away from home on a daily basis. My heart is still here. And i feel like being away for three hours a day really interrupts my house work time. And i miss my boy. There is no way i could do it every day. Not if i want to keep up my house and position as Momma to Junior.  So i am thankful to only be doing this part time and only for a week longer.

But as i stand out there each day, i watch the kids. The good ones. The shy ones. The mad ones. The naughty ones. The daring ones. The annoying ones. And the sweet ones. And i have one thought. Those are someones kids out there. Someone loves them more than life. And that makes them special to me too.  When the same 4th grade boy walks up the slide after i have repeatedly told him not to, i just think, hes just a little guy. He's still so young. So i remind him again, and try to smile when i do it.  When those two boys jump from the slide to the monkey bars to the ground (all things they are not supposed to do) i try to encourage them to be gymnasts, since they have impeccable coordination and timing.

I have realized after being in the school for a bit now, that there are a few blowhards out there that really enjoy their power and like to remind everyone of it.  I love the freedom of just being the recess lady. I don't have to shape their lives or teach them discipline, i just get to smile and pretend i didn't just see them walk back up the tunnel slide. (gasp)

I  have talked to two of my teacher friend and i have told them both i just "like being the cool recess girl" and they both (i kid you not) separately have told me that the "cool ones" usually equal the "weak ones".
Whatever! That is what i say to that. Who cayuhs. I don't think cool equals weak. I think those poor kids need room to run and let off a little steam after having to hold everything together to get through the school day. Kids are supposed to run, jump, yell, act out, be hyper, throw things, and push the limits, aren't they?  If they didn't they would be adults. And isn't "play" what separates the two?  Yes, the answer is yes.

Play is what i like to see kids doing. Using their imagination. So sometimes that means they pretend bite one another and then shout out "you're infected!" and run off....whateves.  It doesn't bother me. I think they're funny.

But then the other recess lady walks over to my slide and shouts out "Sit down!" (in her crabbiest voice)  and then glances my way. I just pretend i didn't see her or the slide walker and mosey on over to the monkey bars.  Now, i'm not being rebellious. If there is trouble a brewin', believe me, i am on it. But come on, who doesn't see a slide and think they should walk up it?

Every now and again when i wonder if i am being too lenient i just think, "What would Jason Statham do if he were out here?"  And i think he would intervene when necessary, and only necessary. And then i smile to myself and think a bit more about him....Ahhhhhhh.....

I believe its important to bring a smile to a kids day. Just as important as laying down the law...maybe even more important.

Here are a few other things i have discovered this week:

1.) kids always give themselves away. Always.

2.) Girls waste alot of time pouting and pining over boys.

3.) Boys don't really care about much. They are all over the board.

4.) I will NEVER buy my kids Osiris shoes. Ever. Never ever.

5.) Parents: Dress your kids for the weather for petes sake.

6.) Kids don't need to wear skinny jeans with high healed boots in elementary school. Ever.

7.) I hope my kids continues to be the one who aren't too concerned with the dealings on the playground.

8.) Don't kiss Junior as he slides down the slide. Its results in electric lip pain!

9.) A playground is meant to play on...SO PLAY! Play to your little hearts desire.

So each day when i am tired of standing and sick of the sun beating down on me, i try to remember those things.

I would have taken a few pictures of my kids on the playground this year, but i noticed a sign on the front of the school banning photos out there. Which is a bummer for a loving Mom but totally cool for the weird uncle with the camera, AMIRIGHT?