Thursday, July 16, 2015

Be different.

This week, as i sat in the turn lane, feeling a bit blah, dull off, I thought to myself, What did i do today that was any different than the person in the car beside me?

I was thinking as a Christian. 

Shouldn't we be so different than the world?

I mean, i think we all know that answer is yes. But....are we?

I was in a bit of a brain funk. I felt out of sorts and frustrated--with myself.

Its like i knew that the Jesus shaped hole in my heart was crying out this week.

It needed to be refueled.  And i knew only time with Jesus could do that.

But as i sat at that light, i thought, what am i doing differently. 

Other than saying our opinions in a big way on issues that are very political, very hot and very now. 

And can't we point a finger with the best of 'em?

But why?

Seriously, why do (some) Christian do that?

We're like a generation of eternal children. But when will we finally take up responsibility for ourselves and stop whining about who done us wrong?

Its like we have these foundations of, my parents are Christians or I went to church every day as a kid. Or i learned it once so now i know everything (and can judge everyone).

Why aren't we actively moving closer to Christ? Intentionally seeking Him out in a day.

We can be so smiley and kind until someone bumps into our joy, our comfort, or our happy.

What do we do when we disagree? Do we belittle? Are we condescending? Is patronizing the way to the cross? Do we show kindness to people even when we are angry? 

What do we do that is different?

All in life is rainbows and sunshine....until it isn't.

I know so many people that are so wonderful and kind and smiley and joyful. Others think they are brilliantly loving.

But, i've rubbed elbows with them behind closed doors and i think--Yea, they're great, until ya cross 'em.

We'd be amazed by what others have witnesses in private. The claws come out when we are challenged.

Opinions are huge. People defend their own beliefs so strongly that they would hurt every cause that they stood for just to prove a point or win an argument. 

And heres what i keep going back to: What are we doing that is so different from the ones we don't like?

Those "sinners" whose sins are so obvious, are they worse than us? Or are we better than them?

Or do we get up and put our pants on one leg at a time~doing nothing different. Never looking up.

What makes us different?

Are we fishers of men or are we getting up, checking our computer, having a coffee and heading out the door?

I'm talking to myself here.

Because i know my heart needs a change.

With the kids home and the schedule ever changing (or forever the same) i need to start my day out right.

I need to read God's word.  And just by doing it these past days as i lay in bed in the morning, i can honestly say i feel refreshed.

Starting my day talking with God is so good.

It sets my path straight when i normally want to run sideways.

And that's what's been laying so heavy on my heart these past few weeks. 

What are we doing differently than the ones we judge?

Do we rely on past knowledge, old answers, hidden nuggets of info in the deepest parts of our brain? 

Or are we actively seeking God's word? Are we asking for wisdom and praying for those who persecute us?

'Cause i gotta be honest, these days--i feel like i've got a lot of persecutors. Each in different ways. And if i'm being real honest, i'm not strong enough to deal with any of it on my own. I'll break. I'll snap. I'll probably say mean words. I have.

I need God's love. I need to actively seek out God each morning and ask Him to take these burdens. Ask Him to love me when i feel unlovable. Ask Him to be my defender. Ask him to put a root of love in my heart so that when i do bump into someones happy--i don't steal it. I can maneuver it with the skill and grace that only He can provide.

Lord, i know we stink down here sometimes. I am sure you shake your head more often than we know. But thank you for never giving up on us, even when you see us (confidently) going in the wrong direction.

What are we doing on earth (right now) that is displaying a life that is heaven bound?

I want to be different. 

When given the choice between being right or being kind, i want to choose kind.