Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Then vs. now

Here's the dilemma i (we) are facing.


Right now we have so much "stuff", so much knowledge, so much information, so much drive, so much confidence,so much self.

But back then we had more quietness, less "stuff", more consideration, more humility, more love, more respect, more hardwork.

Here is a subject that i think about--often.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that "we" as a people--really stink right now.

We are overly confident, unaware, self indulgent, entitled, quick witted, vain, consumed, busy, distracted, and rotten. If you're asking me. (which you are, right? ;))

 Ha! Bet you didn't know what you signed up for when you started reading this post, huh.

I have made it clear--recently--to a few of my friends that i am not a fan of Jen Hattmaker. I know, gasp away. Everyone loves her---Pffft.

(I am sure you are suddenly finding the need to defend her and you are thinking, "she's about 110% more talented than you, Chrissssstina".  And that's fine with me. You are correct. But i don't care.)

But ya see, the reason that i don't like her (and many others) is her snappy comments and her "attempts" at being so in the weeds when she is clearly totally not.  I don't know if her humor is offensive because it actually offends me----or that it makes me jealous!?

But as i read recommended blogs and listen to all the women who are spouting their opinions (me included---i KNOW) I just kind of get sick of the same old schtick. Ya know?

We're clever, we're witty, we say weird things at funny times, we make fun of ourselves, we are honest, self defacing.

i'm not saying "we" as if i include myself in their caliber of writing or knowledge or teachings.  But i do say "we" because i find humor and comedy to be right up there with holiness.

But ya know what i've found?  The people that i like the least in this world??? Are the ones most like ME!!!

(Except  perfect Jimmy Fallon, of course)

I have thought about this for a while now. I mean, if anyone has read any part of James in the Bible, you're pretty much going to learn the power of the tongue and how to use it correctly.

In fact, i have never liked that book much. (isn't that terrible to even admit? Sorry) Because it is the one that has corrected me the most in life.  Contradicted my everyday living and reminded me of the power of the tongue. For good and bad.

And don't get me wrong, i feel like i have a kind heart and i use comedy to lift others up and as to not take myself too seriously. But too much of that is just --well, too much.

My Mom and i have had many conversions about our (my) mouth and the way it is sometimes (most times) overused. And that sometimes its just okay to "be quiet Christina".  Then she reminds me of the verse that says "Be still and KNOW that i am God." And then i counter that with the fact that i can be still while i'm talking and then i go into "this is how God made me, and maybe i'm different then everyone else, and sometimes we need a "buffer" in life to get us through those awfully weird silences, right? Can you imagine a world of introverts? Oh Gag (Unless they were all like you, Angela). That's when i plead my case--the case of the mouth that never stops,  "Mother, how can you put a damper on my light!? (say it very dramatically, will you?) This is all i have to give, to say, to share....its a special gift!!...." And on and on. Eventually i run out of things to say and i think my Mom ends up leaving the room about 13 minutes before i even notice she's gone because i am passionately defending my whole being....(okay, that's not true)

The reason i say these things is because this weekend my Mom and i sat down and watched "Heidi" (starring the ridiculously mature adn amazing, Shirley Temple) with the kids and we both loved it. The way it captures your heart, pulls at its strings, brings you joy, shows you loyalty, how to love, how to persevere,  long suffering, brings you to the brink (wink, wink) of tears as the Grandfather and Heidi are finally reunited. Her love softens even the hardest of hearts. Her dear old grandfather.  It is like, a super moving kids show. If you haven't watched it lately, do it. And show your kids. I think you'll be happy you did.

There is so much that we can learn from that movie. So many things that we have lost--and yet desperately need to find again.

But how?

That is my dilemma.

There's no one elbowing Heidi during a serious scene saying "Amiright?!?" and making light of a that particular situation. They are actually allowing themselves to feel. The joy, the pain, the sorrow, the happiness. These emotions are exercised through out the show and it teaches our kids to be in touch with them. Its not just a slap happy, sarcastic and rude cartoons. But real life.

Compare, if you will, these two scenes from the two different movies from two different times and just let yourself  wonder what has happened to us....

I picked this Heidi clip because it is a special one to my Mom. She says it reminds her of when she was little. The church, the simple hymns, the congregation, the way the people talk. So obviously is has a special meaning to me, as well.  Even though i didn't live in those times--i feel like even i miss them.  What a simpler time it must have been.


And this next clip i found is one that infuriated me the moment I saw it. Wreck it Ralph is a bratty show that just promotes sassy talk and disrespect. When i saw it in the theatre--with my kids--i couldn't believe this show had been recommended to me (never trusting Ms.Faith again)

Its not like i am a overly-protective-television-mom, either. You all know that. I love tv more then the next guy, soooooo i feel i have a pretty big platform to stand on here, okay?! ;)

Alright, watch this clip and then just consider why our kids aren't quite like the generation before us....

I have zero answers. I only hope that i can somehow figure out how to get my house going in that direction.

I want my family to be good.

I want to be the kind of family who has patience for their neighbor.

Love for their sister.

A heart that is loving.

Respect for their Father.

Ears that listen....

and a mouth that is quiet.

Its what i long for.  I think its what our world needs. Desperately. But until we can put away the electronics and stop running through life and start living in it--i don't think we will ever get there.

Its a big reminder to myself to settle down and use less words and more actions.  I won't have to say it---if i continue to show it.