Monday, July 28, 2014


Well, today is my 33rd birthday.

Although, at this point, i am already feeling tired from all my celebrating this weekend, or as my Mom put it, "How long is this BIRTHDAY gonna last!?"

I have managed to have a beautiful birthday weekend.

And today is about the future.

As always, when my birthday approaches, i start thinking about the year that i've had and the new year that is upon me.

I try to put words to feelings, to goals, to mistakes, to choices, to plans.

And then i press on into the new year with a plan.

I greatly look forward to this each and every year and this year is no less.

If i had to sum up the year of 32, i would say the things that stick out in my mind most is the sad reality that my "fat lesbian pants" are officially now just  "my pants."

So that's something that i am anxious to be rid of.

Also, i would say 32 was the year of TERRIBLE softball. I had the worst year, of my life, last year on the field.  It was so depressing and frustrating.

But i am thankful to report that, after a few chiropractic visits and proper alignment (he'll want me to say that. Although i am sure it was just all me), i feel like i am back in the saddle and loving the game anew.

So as i look at the year 32 in my rear view mirror and head in to 33, i feel happy.

This is going to be a super year. I just know it.

Alright, here are my goals that i have set.

1.) I will do a pull up within the year.  I have faithfully been practicing on the swing set every day. Its impossibly hard and embarrassing and frustrating and hard, like really hard. So very hard. Did i mention its hard? Case it hard. So hard.
When i first decided i was going to do this, i was watching American Ninja Warrior, obviously--and it hit me. If i can do a pull up in life, i can probably do anything. Soooo, there ya go.  The first day that i went out, with Jeromy and the kids, to try to do this--it was so unbelievably difficult and i hung there like a weirdo, not even knowing which muscles should fire as i held my breath and kicked my legs to no avail.. Which lead to frustration, which lead to my kicking a day lilly, which lead to my foot getting caught in an (unseen) tomato cage while trying to kick said day lily, which lead to the tomato cage ripping across my other leg, which lead to blood..  So basically i lost twice that day. But not for long.

2.) I am going to practice the art of discipline. Apparently its a thing. And i plan to tap into it.

3.) I think i'm going to do a triathlon with my cousin.  Which has seriously been my life long dream--after the pullup, of course--since as long as i can remember. Only problem is i swim about as good as a rock and paddle about as confidently as a cat. Soooo, if ya wanna picture that.....go ahead.

Buuuut, since i'm going to practice discipline, i can do this. No bigs.  Triathlon. Check.

4.)Lastly i wanted a nose ring. Because i still want to look feminine but also like maybe i can beat you up at the same time. You just don't know. You don't know.  Check.

So for my birthday weekend, i had so much fun with my family & friends who made it special.

And i want to publicly thank them.

Thank you Angela Sizer, my wonderful friend, for coffee and a treat at Caribou to kick start the weekend. Time with you is always perfection and much needed. Thank you for always having cool stuff to say--our relationship is full of excitement and really interesting conversations!
And i seriously couldn't love that more.

 Thank you Josh and Angie for Friday night. For the shirt, and the milk carrier---I LOVE IT ALL!!!

Oh yea--and a special THANKS to my trusting friend Angie--who lets me bully her incessantly. Its one of the things i love most about you. ;)  Just don't tell your Mom!  We have a "blood in blood out" kinda friendship. And i love it. And i love you.

Here's a few photos from the weekend.

Our impromptu piercing night.
That moment she stabbed my nose was sheer exhilaration!! And I loved it. (in a normal kinda way...)

This picture is about .05 seconds after i got pierced. As you can tell, i'm really happy!

Us with our brand spankin' new piercing.
(Which, we found out, you can hardly even see in photos. Lol.)

(Also, Thank you Tiphany for being honest and encouraging and descriptive as you helped me prepare to get this done. You rule! I couldn't have done it without you. Thank you!)

Also, thank you my dear Sarah--for going out to Hell's Kitchen for Breakfast with me on Saturday and continuing the party. As always, i had a blast with you :) Here's an "armie" for ya. (selfie with an arm in it)

I wanna thank my introverted brother who, even though you don't always want to, goes along with me to celebrate day after day and makes my birthdays so special! :) Thanks, Sog.

Thanks to my #1 Momma (and Dad) for doing and doing and doing--to make everyone happy at all times. You are too good to us--its why we kinda suck. We're spoiled! :)  Life is good...because of you.

And of course, thanks to my hubby for always allowing me to come and go as i please. That's the best gift of all! 

I am grateful today, for so many things, but mostly-- the people!!


Now, if you'll excuse me....i've got a date with a swingset.