Thursday, March 15, 2012

These are my people.

Like all of my blogs, this one starts just like the others--I've been thinking alot lately--

Thinking about a few of my friends.  I have realized that there are some people, who are just my people.

That's been my saying lately.  Those are my people.  The older i get the more people i run into, form relationships with, see on occasion, should like, or try hard to like.  But as i take inventory, there are a few that deserve recognition. 

Here is my disclaimer--If you are my friend and you are going to read this and find that you are NOT listed on here, it means nothing.  These aren't my only important and loved friends, just one that i want to acknowledge today.  Maybe I'll mention you next time, but lets not rank anyone.  I like everyone reading this.

Jennifer Graham:  If you can even get past her freakish beauty and really get to know her, you would see that she is not only beautiful, but kind, compassionate, caring, sensitive, loving, and generous. She is so generous.  Every time i am with her, i leave happier than when i showed up.  She is a gift. In every account.  I enjoy her so much and think so highly of her. I would recommend if you don't know her that you should get to know her. Your life will be better because of it, i promise. 

Heidi Lynn:  This is my girl. Heidi is great. Through and through. We have been through so much we have had ups and down but nothing will keep me from being her friend.  Not only is she a wonderful example of a Christian wife, mother and friend, but she is always taking inventory of her actions and guessing and second guessing if she is truly representing God in all of her actions. I love her. That's just it. Heidi is more than a friend, she is like a sister.  If i didn't speak to her for 10 years, she would still be my best friend.

Karee Koepp:  You are amazing. Annoyingly amazing, in fact. Not only do you represent all that is good in the world, you do it with class, style, love and humility.  She is the mother we should all strive to be. (well, it wouldn't kill her to rock her babies a little more.. I know she'll love that comment;)  This woman is so set on things from above that it is amazing. She doesn't get distracted by the "junk" of the world. She is an example in everything that she does, and i am so thankful to have her. Truly thankful.  She been my sounding board for many a years now Thank you, Mrs. Perfect.

Angela Weinzetl:  Not only is she my biggest threat across a trench line, but she is one of my biggest allies in life.  This girl is good. That's it. She is real, honest, fun, hilarious, full of knowledge, truthful, wonderful and good.  I enjoy her company every time i see her.  Sometimes we just like to sit together and talk about why we like each other so much--everyone needs that once in a while, right?  Its fun to struggle through things together. That's Age, she's awesome. And i am so glad for her.

Angela Sizer: Who'd a knew this girls would turn out to be so important in my life?  Angela is a beacon of sunshine and she's irresistible. She is such a great listener and encourager. She knows so much about, well, everything!  I just want to sit and listen to everything she has to say (but i just keep interrupting!) She is a great Mom, she cares about the right things in life. Being around her makes me want to be better.  I am thankful for her friendship and our ability to be "real" together.  Angela, YOU rock.

Kelly Rud:  This girl is a talker.  If people think i am chatty, you have never met Kelly. And i love that about her. You never have to wonder what is going on, she tells you. Together we just trip over each other as we try to get all our stories out. She is real. And she will be my friend forever.

Sarah Jungbauer: Sarah, you are my people.  I love how we can be together with out having to guess and second guess what we said or how we said anything.  I also like that you just allow me to talk and talk and talk and you imply (even if you don't mean it) that its interesting. You're good. And i like that.

Dixie Warner: I have seen you once since high school and in that visit, i felt all the love and passion that you have for your adorable daughter and hubby. I love what you represent and think more of this world should take note from you.  You are truly a caregiver to the ones who need it. You put your family first, and i respect and admire that.

Brianna Peterson:  I came to know her through Ruby's school. Her daughter and Ruby were friends in Kindergarten and we volunteered together a few times and actually formed a relationship through facebook (one of the very few good things about it)  Brianna is so great.  In the short time we have known each other we have had so many very good conversations. I know all about her past, her family, her life. And that is what i call a friendship. I love her kindness, caring, sharing and informative spirit. I especially love that she takes me for the scatter brain that i am and she never fails to remind me of the things I forget. With out her, i would have missed many an event! Thank you. I appreciate and enjoy you, always.  I am thankful for her daughter and Ruby's friendship, because it brought us together..

Katie Paxon:  Even though she left facebook. (because its evil in every way;) I am glad that it brought us back into each others lives. I truly enjoy her ever changing and growing way. She is a woman after God's  heart and she is constantly striving to be better.  She doesn't settle for untruths. She searches out what God wants and goes after it. Katie, stay strong and stay off facebook. Love up that daughter and for petes sake, would ya make it to a play date soon!! :)

Lori Alamo: If you know her, you know why i love her.  She is amazing, humble, capable, giving, generous, tough, and honest.  Qualities that make up the perfect friend, in my book. Lori, you make me smile and think and enjoy life.  You are so amazing and you especially need to accept that. If people could be half of what you are, they would be lucky.  Thanks for being such a GREAT friend. I treasure you.

I have been thinking about you all lately and have been grateful for what you represent in life.  Thank you for being good. Because that is what you are, good. You are so good. And i want you to know that.

You lift me up in so many ways, and i wanted to publicly show my appreciation, and gratitude by saying THANK YOU.!!! 

Its such a small word, such an easy word, and yet a word that is so lost in our busy, busy, selfish world.