Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer time, and the livin' is easy

I can feel the squeeze inside of my chest as i anticipate the beginning of another school year. Its like its just hiding around every corner--threatening me. Laughing at me. And worrying me.

I hate when school starts and the fact that i have to send my kids away for 8 hours.

So this year i really want to embrace the Summer. In fact, so much that--I'm really tired out.

And loving it.

As i post pictures on facebook, i realize that maybe i should just do a blog of Summer fun pictures so i don't have to bore you all (especially if you're single) with my fun kid pictures.

You'll have your day people, it'll happen and you'll ohhh and ahhh over potty training and nap time.  I'm sure of it. :)

So here is my month in review of pictures.

(WARNING: there are 784 gazillion pictures in this post. But they are all super radical--so carry on)

We went to a cabin for a night with my Mom and Dad in June. It was really great. We were right next to the lake and the sun shone and the bugs kept away and the fish were biting. It was perfect.

This is my favorite picture of all time. My dad is so funny....and Jeormy didn't even have a clue what was happening as he tried to fish out my Dads dropped eyeglasses.

 Jeromy learning to fillet--from the boss.

And on our way home, Jeromy noticed that my parents trailer's tire was bulging....sooooo, we pulled over and he changed it, like the perfect boy that he is.  And we were merrily on our way again.

Then we decided to take a family bike ride from the Coon Rapids Dam to Elm Creek park.  The kids did great...i can't say the same for my behind. Yoowza, that was alot of riding!!

I was fortunate enough to get to spend time with one of my all time favorite girls. Okay two of them AND her super amazing and fun husband. I love them all so much. Its like they just get better and better with age. They are so great. Inside and out.

Clearly i like to hang out with people that are way more beautiful than me.....
(which reminds me--i gotta get more ugly friends so i can feel better about myself!)

Next, we did a little impromptu tye dying at a friends house. 

Don't let the pictures serenity fool was a bit chaotic. But we loved every second of it.

 That will teach you to do that now-- won't it Sarah. 

 If this doesn't define "summer fun" i don't know what does!

Two days later came the fourth of July. And here are our finished products. Tye Die!!
Later that day we headed to my Parents house.
The kids loved running down the slip and slide at Grandma and Grandpa's.

I promise, Sam is having just can't tell in this one.
  Awww, love these two.

Daddy loves his girl
 two peas in a pod.
  Oops. how'd that one get in here?? ;)
We had lots of fun taking pictures-- Some turn out like this....
  But most end up like this....

Or this....

Or this... (Gees, i really need to just calm down when the camera comes out, right?)

Anywho, Isn't the 4th just the best!?

We even did some biking....which left Dad  the perfect opportunity to take a quick nap.

You're never to big to swing!

Later we left to my house, to do a little pre-firework display of fireworks- in the driveway-before we headed up to Cambridge.

You know its a good time, when Sam lets loose for a few pictures!! Here's one of our gang sign for East Bethel--What? What? We GET ours. Boom.

  Awww, my Momma and Pader with my girl.
 Us girls.

(i know, i KNOW this is alot of pictures....i'm sorry.)

The day after the fourth i was fortunate enough to have this beauty queen and her two precious little Sveedish daughters come to my house for a little breakfast play date.  Life really can't get much better than having company as beautiful, funny, witty, and cool as Emily.  Makes me a bit jealous. 

Which reminds me--hang out with dorkier friends so i look cool.

(my only saving grace is that we are genetically linked together, so that makes me feel better)

Next we headed up to The Hanson( Jungbauer) house and spent time on the lake with our good friends! It was really great....

 Awww, look at the puppy?! I wanted to eat it for dinner it was so adorable!
 This pretty much sums up our tubing experience.  Love it.
 My newborn baby boy is the bravest of boys. It hurts me to see him growing up so fast....
 Yea, i know, i KNOW my face is full of makeup...who cares? Not me!

 This is an abnormal amount of leg...i KNOW....what can i do about it? I'm freakishly long.

 I love this one because it is just so the boat and all the activities that was happenin' on it.
This might be my favorite picture--in case you can't tell (it really IS so obvious to me) this is Aubrey. Diving into the water and Jeromy not being quick enough with the camera! 

 (She only scored a 6 on this one. Point your toes for heaven sakes , Aub! You'll never make the Olympics with that dive ;) )

 I promise never to do this pose again.  

Scouts honor.

Pinky promise.

And that does it---for now. 

I'm sorry if you were bored by the photos--but its highly doubtful that you were--cause i think they are like so totally awesome!!!

Enjoy the Summer my friends!! I can't wait to see all your pictures really--i'm going to look through them meticulously and try to envision myself in all of the festivities---just like you did with mine....right?