Tuesday, December 28, 2010

preparing for 2011

As the Christmas celebrations come to an end and the New Years planning begins, i have a few things on my mind.  I love the New Year because it is a time to share and plan for the future. It is a time where we all set goals and try to attain them.  I love that.  There is nothing better than setting goals for ourselves. With out goals, what would we be reaching for?  As i am getting older and more methodical, i find that goal setting is a big part of my life.  I learned it from a dear friend of mine  If you set a goal, it is exciting to accomplish it. It can be something as simple as getting the dishes done or as difficult as putting money away or making great spiritual change.  I love it!  As i plan for my goals this year, i reminisce on the past year.  I have come into contact with so many people and so many strong opinions this season. And i have realized that it is great to have an opinion and to be passionate about it. But you can hurt your own cause by the way you go about expressing your opinion.  I sit and watch people passionately defend their feelings. But as i watch i see many errors.  I see such hypocrisy.  Defending one thing as you tear down another?  Overpowering the conversations with your own thoughts with out letting any one else say theirs?  It just seems to hurt their cause. Who values the opinion of someone who disrespects yours?

As i grow older and i hope wiser (i hope) i wonder why people feel the need to push their opinions and feelings on others anyway.  Why do we try to change others thought with our words?  I have been impacted so much deeper with the quiet spirits. The meek person. Humility.  Those are the things that i want to embrace this year. I want to learn to be quick to listen and slow to speak.  It may sound easy to some of you, but to me...its extremely hard. I usually want to be quick to speak and I'd listen, depending on who was talking. 

This year, i want to show Christ's love though my actions.  And my tongue.  I want to speak volumes with out saying a word.

 I have learned, through alot of mental evaluating and pondering, that one thing that matters is the fact that we know we are of worth in Gods eyes.  Its sounds simple, but really take it in.  There have been so many different issues that i have faced this year and challenges that i have met... and failed.  I let my "flesh" get the better half of me. I cared about what someone thought of me. I was upset when i was interpreted wrong. I was angry about misconceptions. I couldn't grasp why someone would aim to hurt. But through evaluating what the real issues were for me, i realized that if i can just know that i am valuable in Gods eyes and that i am making choices to please and honor him...well, that is good enough for me.  If it is interpreted that i am weaker, I am okay with that.  I am choosing to honor God, and by doing this i have finally overcome some struggles. People can think what they want and interpret my actions however they please, but if I know in my heart that my motives are pure and honoring to God. Well, than i have won. I have pleased the one who truly counts. And that gets me excited.  It doesn't mean that i have anything figured out or that i am one step ahead or behind, it just means that, to me, i am learning. And i really like to learn. Especially when my teacher is the Alpha and Omega...He's kind of a big deal! :)

So, as we make our resolutions this year to eat healthier, and to work out more, lets not forget to maintain a healthy inside too.  Lets train our minds and hearts to be strong and healthy. Lets strive for spiritual growth. Lets fill our lives with things of substance.  Lets love our neighbors. Lets love our enemy. Lets give glory to God. Lets pray for those who persecute us. Lets not become weary in doing good.
In John 14:29 Jesus tells us that "If anyone loves me, he will obey my teachings..." And I happen to think rules were made to be followed, soooo i like that verse:)

Here's to doing our causes justice through love this year... 
2 John 4:16 "God is love."

Bring on 2011, i am ready.