Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Girl power

Beyonce said it best when she sang "Boy you know you love it, how we're smart enough to make these millions. Strong enough to bare the children--then get back to business."

I lOVE that song. 

And i totally love being a girl. Cause girls rock!

I often think about the life of a man and then the life of a woman once they get married.

The men, they continue to work.

The women, usually work too--but also have to start making dinner. And cleaning the bathroom. And doing the dishes. And washing and drying and folding and putting away laundry. And doing the grocery shopping. And vacuuming. And scrubbing the floors.And then they usually give birth. And stay up all night. And clean up vomit. And wipe butts. And pack lunches... And, and, and.....

Is it just me, or does that seem somehow skewed?  

I for one, was not a natural born organizer, or dish do-er, or clothes folder, or bathroom cleaner. I wasn't even predisposed for it. I was the youngest child.. That basically equates to a bit spoiled. All i remember is eating my bowl of ice cream at night in the living room and then it disappeared. I don't know who put it away, but i am pretty positive it wasn't me.  (I can assume with about 100% certainty that in a house full of boys--it was the woman (Mom) who had to clean it up)

Sorry bout that Mom.

As i think about it (which i do often) I think about how amazing women are. I mean, we have babies!!  That's huge.  And we usually don't even complain about it.  That's even huger.

We just change with the seasons and step up to each new role placed before us. No bigs.

I happened to watch Dancing with the Stars last night and that cute little gymnast Shawn Johnson was doin her thing. And since it was the finals, she had guest back up dancers...the fab five, from the Olympics!  I love that. Girl power, i say--Girl Power! I love how we come together to support one another. (what i am trying to say is if one of you happen to make it on dancing with the Stars, Yes--i will be your back up dancer!)

The other day i was at Northtown (i know, i know. Puke) shopping at Vanity for boots with my girl, Angie. (Having a fabulous 1 hour girls get away) and i had one grey boot on my right foot and one brown boot on my left. There was this snarky girl, on the phone in front of the only mirror that i could use so i asked her (quietly- I didn't want to disturb that phone call) if i could just sneak in for a second? And she moved over a few feet and continued with her phone call.  And as i was looking back and forth at my feet, she pulled the phone away from her lips for a brief second and said "The brown ones!" And then went back to her phone. I love that. I love girls. We rule.  I nodded in agreeal and proceeded to get the brown ones.

Girls. We are a team. Always.

I like to think about my list of friends (and yes, it is a long list-thank you very much) and think about the different personalities and strengths of each one.

 There's the one who always has great advice.
The one who always has advice...its just not great.
The funny one. 
The strong one.
The tough one.
The faithful one.
The sad one.
The one you admire.
The one you want to learn from.
The one you remind yourself not to be like.
The chatty one.
The kind one.
The one who loves TV as much as you do.
The one who you like to eat with. (because they would rather just skip dinner and eat cupcakes too)
The maternal one.
The childish one.
The simplifier.
The "messier than you" one.
The healthy eater
The coffee drinker
The McDonalds frequenter
The coop frequenter
The ones who- if you are going to get into a fight--you want by your side.
The crazy ones that you never want to cross.
And the loyal one.

Anyways...you get my point. There are so many levels of girlhood. And i think we are the strongest things around. Mentally, socially, relationally, emotionally.

We are super heroes. You--are a superhero.

The older i get the more I appreciate my girlfriends. Even the crazy ones...or wait, am I the crazy one?

Okay, thanks alot. I don't like your tone there. I just told you how much i appreciate you and now you're calling me crazy...Thats it, where's my crazy going to war girlfriend? I need her.

See, a friend for every situation. How handy.

I want to embrace my peeps today! I am so thankful to be a girl and have the pleasure of having some rockin awesome girlfriends.  Without them, i would be nothing.

I mean, can you imagine how many looong blogs i would have if i didn't have my girls to talk to every day? How would i get my words in? HOW!?

Pheww, thank you for being a friend. You saved me. Well, Jesus did. But you guys--you are good.

This song goes out to all my girls. Even if your days highlight is only to fold clothes. Do it with style!! Tilt your head up and to the rights then pout your lips-now slowly bob your head up and down and OWN that laundry!!

Because who runs the world??