Monday, March 7, 2011


Today I woke up fullFull of love for my kids. Full of love for my husband. Full of awe because of the big God I serve and full of joy from this amazing group that Jeromy and I are part of.

I have the privilege to call some amazing people friends. I can only describe the feeling i have inside as full.  Jeromy and I are part of the most amazing and inspiring and encouraging and honest and up lifting group of people that i have ever encountered.  Our small group meets on Sunday evenings at Church and i strangely found myself looking forward to it more and more every week. We hadn't intended on being transformed, but God had different plans, i guess.  Each night i come away from our group excited and encouraged to tackle the week ahead. I feel an overwhelming needs to thank them over and over for just being them.

As Jeromy and I observe how each couple interacts with their spouse and their children, we are full. It is an amazing feeling to be walking through life along side these beautiful people.  Not only are they beautiful on the outside, but it is the beauty that lies within that impresses me so much.  I love that we can struggle together, laugh together (and theres a LOT of laughing) hurt together, re-do together and know we are doing it all to bring glory to His name.  Like so many feelings that i have, i can not find the proper word to describe the depth this one...

I find it so amazing to look back and realize that even when we aren't looking, God is planning. His divine plan is working in our lives.  No matter what we think is going to or not going to happen, God is in control. And by his amazing grace, Jeromy and i found our way into this small group and feel our lives being transformed right before our very eyes. 

Full. That is what we are. We are still inconsistent, we still get mad, and we still fail, but we also still try, we still learn, we still get back up and we still believe in the amazing power of Jesus.  He is the one that brings true joy to my soul. 

So, as i put all of my thoughts into action today, I am full.  And that is an amazing blessing that i am wonderfully aware of.

Our God is greater, our God is stronger
God You are higher than any other...