Sunday, March 4, 2012

I love him.

Lately i have been thinking about something, but i am going to have to tell about 5 other stories to get to my point. 

As most of you know, i think my Dad hung the moon.  Literally.  He is wonderful and i have always known, if there was a problem, that my Dad could fix it.  Anything.  In fact in the early years of my marriage, Jeromy used to say the word "Ma'Dad" when ever I talked because he said that i said it so much and so fast that it sounded like one word to him. "Ma'Dad can do it.  Ma'Dad can help. Just call Ma'Dad."  Hahaa, i know we aren't supposed to compare, as wives, our husbands to our fathers. But ya know what, I don't think its bad. What a great man to be measured against?  And i figure Jeromy didn't have a Dad why not let my Dad-I mean, Ma'Dad- teach him too?

Jeromy never said any of it with ill feelings towards my Dad.  He knew my Dad was a fantastic and respectable and strong and honest man. Jeromy respects him as much as i do.  I think Jeromy just wanted me to give him a chance.  But come on...just let Ma'Dad do it! =)

Well as the years went on, i noticed that my husband is pretty amazing too.  It was a slow transition but i could feel it happening.

Jeromy and i have always had an honest and loud relationship.  We joke with/at each other (never with bad motives, we just laugh at ourselves alot).  We argue.  We disagree.  We had a lot of pressure on us when we first got married and alot of obstacles to overcome.  So the beginning was hard. And I mean hard.  And honestly, some times i just wanted (or want) to punch him in the nose. 

I can recall a few years ago, a growth group we were in.  One of my (older) girlfriends had said to me that when she married her husband she was in love with him. (obviously)  But she never imagined that the longer they had been together the more she would love him.  I remember thinking "Yeah right!!"  I didn't understand that.  Not that i didn't love Jeromy(obviously) but that i just didn't get that.  Maybe they just had a better relationship? I didn't know.  But i do know that i have always thought about that conversation.

Well slowly but surly my husband has been quietly sneaking up from behind and quietly and calmly catching up to my Dad.  There were so many times when my hubby would be with my Dad and i would see him do something to help my Dad.  If my Dad couldn't do it (or was tired or worn out) my man started doing it for him.

Ya see, that's Jeromy.  When push comes to shove, his reaction is always kindness. He isn't quick to get hot under the collar.(But he can when he needs to)  He helps strangers. He helps our friends, new and old.  And he always helps out my family. Always.  That's just him.  And he doesn't do things like me. He doesn't do it for the social aspect. He works hard and fast and doesn't quit until the job is done. (which can be real annoying when we work on a project together and i want to break for lunch and chat and he can't even answer me because he is so deep into a project. Drives me bonkers!)

If there is any way to get in good with me, it by being kind to my family. And Jeromy does it. Not for any reason other than that is who he is.  Nice. The funny thing is, i see him doing things for "my " family because he thinks of and loves them like they are "his" family.  And they are.  He doesn't have much to claim from his side. So he holds closely to mine.

A while back Jeromy and i went through this weird phase where i felt scared (remember the hell blog?) and he kind of did too. But just for a moment.

I can't even tell you the stories that have happened or the conversations that have taken place for me to realize this.  But my husband is strong.  And not just like "man " strong.  He is...well, he's strong, strong.

My sister in law and i have nicknamed Jeromy, "The bulldog".  Ya see, Jeromy is so amazing in so many ways, and he is so wonderful, but all we have to do it unhook that leash, like a bull dog, and he's a big ball of crazy!  And we love it.  We know if we ever need it, deep down inside him, its there.  Our fierce and protective bulldog.  Now, i say this with Love. Lisa will understand.(my sister in law). She "gets" it.

A good friend on mine and i were talking about that Cruise ship that crashed/tipped in Italy last month.  We were talking about how terrible it would have been to be separated or in the bottom of the boat. And the size of that thing...can you imagine having to jump from the top down to the water?  Never.  She was imagining how terrible it would be to have had to separate from her husband. When the children and woman got to get into the lifeboats with out them.  She said how scary that would be. And ya know what I thought? Scary? Never. Jeromy would find us. He would get out. And he would save the day. And that's the truth. He would.

Jeromy isn't just strong with muscles. Hes' not just brave. He's not just perseverance. He is all that wrapped up in one with a pain tolerance that goes through the roof.  He is kind of like a super hero.  My super hero.

Now i realize this sounds sappy. But its true. I only speak the truth. And i also love him. Each day, the longer i know him, the more i love him.

So now, when Ma'Dad needs help...i tell him to ask Ma'husband!

Funny how that happens, isn't it?