Thursday, December 16, 2010

How is your day going?

After a difficult night getting the kids to bed, i was up bright and early this morning with big plans of finishing my Christmas cookies. Ruby got off to school and the little ones were anxious to get into the forbidden box of Christmas ornaments. Jeromy put the tree up while i was out last night and now we are ready to decorate it. I warn the kids not to dig in the box until i can help. Wouldn't you know that the minute that i run downstairs, i hear a crash.  Seriously? I think. Not even a minute after i warned them? I run back up to see a few very special ornaments that my brother gave Ruby as a baby, broken. I can feel the steam coming out of my ears. Laney instantly tells me that "ju ju did it!" I warn them NOT to do it again and try my hardest to keep my composure.  "Please don't do it with out Momma, okay?"  Sure. They were right on board with that. Anything to get out of a spanking.

By 11:40, Ruby got home and we start to tackle the tree. As we are unwrapping each ornament I thoughtfully tell the kids who gave what ornament to whom. The kids seem more anxious in digging than they are about listening to my wonderful stories.  No one can find the hooks. The tree won't hold the ornaments on it. I am getting annoyed that they are unwrapping, but not helping. And i decide that no matter how much a tree with short needles costs next year, we are getting one.
Finally, we get it all decorated.  I specifically tried to have fun with them and not to expect perfection. Hey, they are just excited right? This is what the season is all about, making memories and remembering old.   After a few more threats about leaving the tree alone and trying to teach them not EVERYTHING is at their disposal. Some things we just look at. I finish up these muffin things and we are on our way.  After about another hour, Ruby tells me she is so hungry. I realize we were so busy with the tree and cooking (and sampling) that we skipped lunch.  Its about 2 o'clock so i say lets get a burger.  I have a $10 bill burning a hole in my pocket and it gives me a few minutes of a "break" in the car while everyone is buckled in. I started the car and realized we needed gas, bad.  Thankfully, i have a giftcard. Which is awesome, cause that about all we have. I get the kids all loaded and grab the card and head off.  Relaxation, here i come. Nope. I realized just before i got the the station that i forgot my purse in the entryway. Argh. I quickly check my pockets and find that i put my gift card in my pocket. Hey, i forgot my purse and coat, but i remembered the giftcard and kids. I've had worse.
As i pull into the station, i start to fill up and look through the center council in hopes of finding  the check book. I swear that is where it is.  Its not the one i want, its an old one with a big scribble pen mark through it (thank you Ruby) but it will do. I see Kandi is working at the DQ and change my plans to get a burger there then i can explain the lame check and all will be okay.  We are still sitting pretty. We can do this.
After the tank is full i run inside.  As i hand the cashier the card she looks at it and says "Umm, this is for Super America and you are at Holiday!" Nooooooooooooooo!!  Are you kidding me? My brain scrambled for an idea and i remembered that i have that check in the car.  I ask if I can use an old check and she says sure. But she looked at the other worker. The minute she did that, i felt like a dirtball. I knew they weren't sure about me. I was a total mess. I had my unwashed hair, ghetto sun glasses, huge sweatshirt and pants half way tucked into somes big ol' pink uggs (with a rose on the back). They stop me and ask if i have used a check here before.  I say i am sure that i have. Then i throw in a smile and tuck my hair neatly behind my ears. You know, just for good measure.  "Well, you'll need your license." Uhhh, thats the problem i scream inside my head. I have NO purse.!! Just then it dawns on me that i had to use my license to get into the jail the night before to visit someone. Yes! I have the same jeans on. "I DO have my license!" I say a little too over the top. They just look at me and say okay then. I run to the car and get my check. As they are asking me a few security questions i am talking and talking about what a mental case i was and how sorry i am. They didn't seem to care about how i got here. Okay. whatever.
As we head home the kids start crying because they are soo hungry now and really want a burger. Ruby is talking about how much her stomach hurts while Laney grabs this big calculator (yes, that is what she brought to play with) and throws it at Ruby and hits her right in the head!! Argh. NO WAY!!!  Seriously, what is wrong with us?  Before we can get home Junior falls asleep and i promise the kids that we will grab my 10 dollars and turn around.  I ran into the house grabbed my stuff and headed back down 65.  All I wanted today was a special coffee. But that is in Cambridge and we need to go somewhere close. We head back to DQ and get a few burgers and head home. I am happy to get food in the kids stomach, even if its not the healthiest. What a bad mom, i think. We get home and i wake up june and head in the house. Well, to my surprise i find that stinkin' Christmas tree has tipped over and is now laying on my couch!!! Are you kidding me??!!!  Where did the fresh sugar water that i put into the stand go? I don't even want to know. I run downstairs to grab something to clean it up and what do you know?  I hear a crash. Laney broke an old home made ornament that i got from my sister in law. Are you kidding me? I grabbed her and gave her a spank. My mind was whirling.  I was somewhere between breaking down screaming, or silently jumping off the roof!!!
Seriously, i wonder if everyone has days like this. I tell ya, my kids are giving me a run for my money these days and i am NOT winning. Ages 5, 3 and 2 are starting to be the hardest ones that we have faced.
So, as i exhale loudly downstairs, my tree is still tipped over, the kids are playing, i haven't showered and i Don't. Even. Care.
What a day, what a day. To all of you mothers that have kids that obey, trees that stay standing. and purses that have money... I am jealous. :)  You keep doing what you do, and i will keep wondering why i can't quite keep up...
Happy cleaning to you all! I am going to go and embrace my place in this crazy house and hope to have a better evening than I did afternoon... Onward and Upward, friends. Onward and Upward.