Saturday, December 31, 2011


Well, i can't believe that another year has already come and gone.  I swear i was just saying to Jeromy "I can't believe its already July 1st!" And now here we sit entering January.  Wow.  My new phrase will work perfectly here, "Time flys when you're old!"  Am i right or am i right? Yeesh.  Its like as a child we wait and wait and wait for the clock to tick slowly from morning to night on Christmas Eve and now here i am at 30 looking at the clock at 10am and thinking i barely have time to get things done before dinner!  Its amazing what we learn as we age.

On the bright side, today is the last day in December and i get to celebrate New Years Eve at home with my hubby and brother. One of my favorite nights.  I LOVE sitting together and talking and wondering and hoping for the future. I love it.  I am a New Year resolution freak.  Forget all the stuff that we are going to give up on or fail...think of all the stuff we can accomplish!  I love it.  Its a great time to look at your life and evaluate your past and plan for the future. Its so great.

Of course we can do this any time of the year.  And that's great too, but on any other day i would probably (most definitely) not stay up until midnight to do it. (That is, unless i was watching Jimmy Fallon and the time just flew by as I laugh and smile at him (which it normally does...winkity, wink, wink)).

I say we should say our resolutions loud and proud.  Don't think of your glass as half empty, think of it as half full.  We can share so we can have encouragement and accountability along the way. And if nothing else, its just nice to let others know your hopes and dreams.  I mean, sure we all want to have a smokin body and to stop eating sweets, but come, as if!  Hahahaa, i don't even go there any more.  I am not going to be that lame person you go out to eat with that is counting calories and commenting on how many "points" your meal is worth.  Eeew, no one likes that person, but everyone like the big happy one who is ordering dessert...right....ri-ght?? ;)  Hahaa, okay, whatever. To each his own.

I don't have all my resolutions ready, but i am thinking about them with excitement.  Its a new year, guys. Thats so exciting.  So much can be accomplished. So much.  We have so much love to give. So much kindness to share. So much generosity to show.  Our resolutions can be anything under the sun. And that's what makes them so great. We can not only better ourselves but better others in the process. 

Ahhh, obviously i am super chipper chicken about this, but why not?  Lets do this people. Lets all change the world one resolution at a time.  Give, love, smile, laugh, care, share, appreciate, show gratitude, be faithful, have mercy, extend grace, persevere with joy, and make someones elses life better because they came into contact with you.

Theres oodles of great things we can do every day, and to have the opportunity to make a list of them and hold true. That is super exciting to me!  Soooo, i am going to get to making my list and maybe i'll even share a few...

Happy New Year to all and to all a good year!  (insert celebratory music and fireworks here)