Thursday, May 17, 2012


Every once in a while, something magical happens.  Nope, not magical...God inspired :) 

I have had a bit of a crappy week (starting to feel like a broken record here). Even Mothers Day was kind of just ...yuck.  Not because it wasn't wonderful. Or that anyone was mean. Or that i didn't get lots of beautiful things. But because i am a butt. And sometimes i just can't kick it.  I mean, you can only do so many dishes before you feel a bit cra-zzzzzy!

But today. Today was amazing. I let Ruby skip school. This morning i just felt like today would be a good day to remind her how much we love her and to just totally "play" and do fun stuff.  Because i figure, i try to work so hard at cleaning and organizing and dishes and laundry normally and it never turns out as perfect as i planned, so today. I said fuh-get-a-bod-it! (yep. pronounce it like i spelled it!) And we were off!

Instead we all laughed. Ate unhealthy. Played. Smiled. And just got back to what we are.  Happy.

Ruby needed this.  And i mean, needed it.  Its like i have my girl back. I am so thankful that today happened.

So thankful that i took my camera and went around the yard and took pictures of all the things that bring me joy!

So here ya go...

                      My kids LOVE this swing set that we were able to get from a wonderful friend...

 This may not look like much to many of you--but to me--its heavenly! 2 years i have asked for this...two years...But i got it this year and my Dad helped me put it in!! Joyful!
 This is the efforts of my blood, sweat and blisters that i worked on to save a few bucks and bypass having to rent a rototiller and just till it by hand...very, very sore hands!!  But I LOVE it:) Totally worth it.
 This is my little "Strawberry patch " that is a combination of  my strawberries and my Auntie Dawn and Uncle Scott's! I am very excited to see the future of this bed! Thanks :)
                              Awww, a potential berry.  Hopefully not the only one i get this year??
                                                                         My oldest
                                                              My red head and my boy
                    My first hanging basket of the year!! Yeah, that's a flamingo in it...what??
 The bird feeder i got for Mothers day from my hubby. He knows if i can't have a barn, then this is second best!! (he also got me a #50 bag of sunflower seeds and two adorable gnomes (that's right, i said gnomes...what?) and gardening gloves!! How was i crabby on Mothers day again??
                       Watering a little maple I (well, my Dad and Jeromy) dug up from my Mom and Dads on Mothers Day!
                                          He loves dirt...that's all i have to say about that ...
                                                                      My flag!!
And if i am being honest, this cookie made me happy today too!!

And --I swear I am not lying--i just ran upstairs to find my Hubby got home (and to explain why there are polly pockets all over!) with these!!!!!! I said "Wait, let me quick take a picture, i'm just writing about how wonderful my day was....this is AMAZING!!!"  (then i gave him a big sloppy kiss!)

How lucky--nope, BLESSED am I?  To have these people in my life?  Every once in a wile God reminds me of all that is right and perfect in life!! :) He resets me.

And i'm so thankful for all of it!! 

Like Jeromy and I always say (with a little ghetto accent) "It ain't much, but its all i got!!"  If any of you know what movie that comes from...well, i just bet you don't!!  You have to be totally cool to watch...

...are you ready??

I'll just tell you...

Here it comes....

You're never gonna get it anyhow....


Hahahaaa, the main character is B-rad...Isn't that hilarious?? The more you watch it, the more you love it!!.

But i digress...where was I again??

Oh Yes. Thankful. And joyful. And happy.  That is what i am today!:)  (and probably a little chubby(chubbier?) after i down that blizzard AND cookie!)

Enjoy your day, folks.