Monday, December 31, 2012


Its heeee-eeere!!! Time for New Year's Resolutions!! I am so totally stoked about this. It energizes me, more than Kale, to think about all of the changes that i want to make in 2013!

I thought about it,  wrote it down, thought about it, went into deeper detail, wrote it down...and then lost my notebook!

Story of my LIFE... i mean story of 1981-2012, but not 2013. I WILL be better. Which leads me to my next thoughts...

In the year of 2013, i want to be better. Just be. Better. At all things.

I am so totally tired of people texting, texting while driving, texting while bike riding, texting while at a desk, table, or couch. Texting while talking, texting while in line at a store or at a restaurant...texting, texting, texting! It is my nemasis. And i will stand strong against it. Its just the beginning of the end, if ya ask me---and YES i am assuming you ARE asking me, sooooo...

I want to fight the power of smartphones, facebook, and twitter. I  believe whole heatedly that they are the antichrist and we are so consumed with them and having everything at our fingertips, autocorrecting our own words that we are becoming mush brains-- MUSHBRAINS, i tell you!

I am so totes over elitism, arrogance, "defriending" and taking yourself too seriously. Laugh people. Laugh a little.

I do not believe that the value of an animals life is ANYWHERE close to a humans. Anywhere.

I am going off "the juice" in 2013. As for what "the juice" is...i call alot of things that. Coffee, ice cream, sugar, sugary snacks, sugary anything...mmmmmmm, i do love "the juice"!!

I am overhauling my meal planning. Its going to be serious and its gonna be radical.(more on that another time)

I continue to love Jimmy Fallon.

I want to be more like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler...just not so left winged--AMIRIGHT?

I miss Kristen Wiig on SNL.

I have read and enjoyed many books this past year and will continue to do so into the new year. Yeah for readers. READERS ARE LEADERS!! (spread the word)

Speaking of leaders, my wonderful-and so much cooler than me--friend, Angela, and i are starting a book club. Its gonna be ridiculously cool and you can all join. I am very excited about this.

I will get more chickens "before the rooster crows"...Ha! Not possible, i own a rooster and he will crow at around 4:30 tomorrow morning....soooo, i guess i will have more beautiful and glorious chickens before the ground thaws. Yes, that sounds right.

I am determined to learn how to can, preserve, and freeze my own produce this summer. It will be glorious as well. I want to live off the land. and own sheep, and own horses--no horses scare me--own Scottish Highland cows. (google them. They are A-mazing!)  Not pigs, i am a bit Jewish when it comes to pigs. Yuck. Lots more chickens, a few ducks....awww, baby ducks. Oh, how i loooong to be a farmer.

I am aiming to...[cough].... hug more.[Oh, gross] I feel like maybe my disdain for hugging has left some awkward goodbyes and i am going to try to fix that. No matter how weird it feels when my monkey like arms hug around a person and come back around to touch my own shoulders...Oy. this is going to be a toughie. If you read this, and see me--be gentle with the hugs.  Lets not overdo it, okay?

Speaking of hugs...i am thinking after 3 years of wearing organic deodorant, maybe i should just buck up--fill myself  with cancer causing aluminum--and go back to Dove deodorant? ---Nope. I don't know if i can. But maybe.

I want to wake up early and write. Yes, i said write. What, i can't be a writer? Is it my age? Inability? What? Oh never mind, who asked you anyways.  I am going to wake up early or stay up late writing. I have notebook's and notebooks from when i was younger and story upon story that i enjoy reading even now. I am going to write. Maybe a novel. You don't know. You don't know me, girrrrl. (snap left, snap right, and snap back left)

I guess i am running in a 7K in March (gag) since i have a bossy friend and she manages to tell me what to do and i accidentally (always) say yes--time after time. I may just get stuck doing this crazy thing. I will make her think she is in charge, but what she doesn't know is that she is going to play church softball with us this summer. And she is going to practice so that she doesn't embarrass me--leaving me no choice but to break up with her. (warm up that arm, Lady T)

And i am going to try more smiling and nodding when my husband talks.....(silently smiling and nodding) No words, no answers, no "why??!" just a smile and a nod, smile and nod, smile and nod. I've got high hopes for this one. And like they say, "Fake it till ya make it." (picture me smiling and nodding at you, right now)

I am going to combat HATE with LOVE. I am determined.

I will continue to pray for the families of Newtown the moment my eyes open-- every day.

I want to make Christ proud this year. Intentionally, every day, every moment, eyes on Him--proud.

Lastly i am going to live the year 2013 clinging to this verse, II Timothy 1:7 " For God hath not given us the spirit of fear,  but of power and of love and of sound mind."  I need this verse. Each day as i wake up, i need this verse.

What are your hopes and dreams for 2013?? I would love to hear them...

Happy New Year friends!!  Make goals, try, change, be better, love, give, smile, high five, snuggle, trust, laugh, and enjoy life!!!

Live a life full of love....the world needs it.