Friday, February 8, 2013

Be calm

Here's the dealio--I'm mad.

I tried to not be mad before i wrote this. I did. I even read a funny post by the Pioneer Woman in hopes to settle my soul.

But it didn't work.

And then i ate a Little Debbie Valentine heart, okay?

Fine--two hearts! Geez, get off my back.

And i still feel grump to the eeeee.

A while back (a few weeks ago) i came across a song that just fits me. Its gets me. Its like its reading my mind and living in my soul.  Its the ying to my yang. It completes me. And of course, it by the band FUN.  My fave.

Little did i know how very much i would need to remember those words in the weeks that followed.

Cause--Yuck--this month has bitten. Totally.

I feel like running. And i don't mean on a treadmill.

Like if i could just run--pack up my family-- and run.  All would be better.

But alas, i know the saying--No matter where ya go, there ya are.  And that would be my problem.

So instead of whining about all the junk that is happening, or all the things that i wish i could change.

I will share this song with you...

Any song that yells the words "Be calm" is alright with me...

So, today--I am going to be calm.

BE CALM!!!!!!!!