Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I am thankful for...

Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  And one thing that i want to share is my thankfulness for my parents.  I have the BEST parents in the whole wide world.  I know some people look back and remember certain instances that made them mad.  Things they wish they never had to go through.  Frustrations where they think their parents failed them.  But not me.  I honestly can say that i think my parents hung the moon. They were cut from a different (and better) cloth than every other person that i know. They are such example of Christ's love. They are living out their faith each and every day.  They have endured great pain in life and they have risen from it because of their obedience to God.  And that is something worth sharing.

As i raise my kids i want so badly to do it right.  I want to emulate them.  I want my kids to look back on their lives and feel like they had it great.  Not materialistically, but in every other way.  I want to equip them spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, and socially.  And that is alot of pressure.

One thing that i haveworried about is not pressing my kids to be too competitive too soon.  I am competitive.  Always.  But i wonder how my parents did it. They never pushed me to be in sports or ran me ragged, but they taught me how to love them (sports). They showed me how to stand tall, even in weakness.  They taught me how to love the game and love people.  It was about winning and beating the other team, but not disrespecting them.  I may not have liked them on the court (or field) but i enjoyed them as people, off of it. The ref's calls may not have gone our way, but they showed me how to adjust to it and persevere.  I am stronger in every way because of my parents. The may have loved me, but they didn't always agree with my choices. They showed me to value others opinion, even if we disagree.  Never Boo another person.  Ever.
 I want so badly to do that, but how? What is the right amount of pull and push?  My Dad used to go outside and play ball with me in the snow. I would just put on my raggedy gloves and hat and dorky sweat pants and we would play.  I remember getting so frustrated with his hook shot. It was just unbeatable!  And ya know what?  It still is. (only now, his back may go out while he is throwing it)  As i look back i remember playing him and feeling like i was winning. But all he had to do was turn on the heat and remind me that i wasn't.  I don't think I ever got too mad.  But if i did, he probably handled is so perfectly that i don't even remember it being a problem.  All he had to do was put the petal to the metal if he wanted to beat me.  That was, until I got into high school.  It was fun to experience the joy of "playing" as a child and the fun of "competing" as an adult.  It didn't take me too long to give him a real run for his money either.  Eventually I was swinging my hip and boxing him out and shot blocks...ohhh, don't get me started:).  There was no way around this "tower of power" (just let me reminisce, will you) These memories are some of the best in my life.  Basketball was a highlight of my childhood all the way through my adult years. 
I have a picture of me and my Dad that my Mom must have taken one evening as we played.  I have been searching and searching like a mad woman to find that picture this past year.  And thankfully, i finally did.  It may not mean much to you when you look at it, but to me, it sums up a perfect childhood and a perfect example of what i want to be for my kids.  I don't know how my Mom and Dad did it all right, but i am so thankful for them. Words truly can not express the love and admiration that i have for my parents.  So this thanksgiving i am thankful (as always) for them....hook shot and all!

  I hope that this year we can all look at the wonderful things that we do have in life, and if they are people, let them know. What a way to spread joy and hope.  Have a happy and thank-filled Thanksgiving friends!!