Friday, May 4, 2012


You know what? I'm just gonna say it...I know its taboo, but i don't care. If you're offended by this post, then you are probably the exact person i am talking to...

When your kids are sick. Stay home.  Care for them. Stop your busy, self indulgent life, and show them that they rank way above any other commitment that you have. Slow down. Just SLOW DOWN, would ya?...

I believe kids get sick when they are run down.  Well germs take kids down, but when they are run ragged and have no time to recuperate and find peace in the comfort and slow moving routine of HOME, then they get sick quicker and more often.  I am not just shooting from the hip here. It is proven.  I think most parents know this.

Actually, i wonder how many parents do know this? 

I have run into mother after mother who has a sick child, but doesn't slow down her (or her childs) day one bit.  Seriously?!? Have Mothers gotten that selfish now that we don't even consider our children's health?? If they don't need an antibiotic (don't get me started on the overuse of those!) then they can "technically" keep going to school, friends houses, church, sports...anything!  Just because you think a child is not "contagious" doesn't mean they should leave the house.  Kids are sick because there is no structure at home. No time to just "be", no time to even think about being bored.  Bored is a good thing. A really good thing. It means kids have enough time to sit and use their imagination. Out of boredom comes genius! With out time to just be and sit and think and enjoy life kids get run down. We take away their childhoods when we try to make them match out busy schedules.

And when a child is run down (sick), its not that i, as a friend or other adult, am incapable of dealing with them or caring for them. Its that i am not their mother and i would NEVER ship my sick kid off. Ever. Never ever! So i am insulted when others try to do it to me. Sick kids need to be at home in their little bed with their Mom by their side. Every step of the way. I don't care if your 17 or 2, i absolutely stand by this and will continue to respect other parents when my child is sick and i will not run them ragged just to keep up with my daily schedule.  Respect us other parents out here who don't want to run our healthy kids into the arms of a cougher, a puker, a fever, or a sicky.  Not only that, but don't--and i repeat--DON'T act offended when a person turns down a playdate because your child is sick. The fault is your own...not ours-who want to protect our home.

I think Moms, even more that Dads, need to be home with their children when they are ill.  You couldn't get me out of the house if one of mine babies were sick. I don't care if Jeromy is here and he wants me to go...its not happening. My kids need their Momma, and i would never tell them no (when it comes to spending time with me). I know so many women who have such a tight and busy and very self gratifying schedule that they literally have NO time to slow down if a child is sick. No time. Its just doesn't fit into the schedule and believe me, that child is going to feel it. They will eventually realize where they rank, when they are laying ill on the couch--alone--trying to figure out how to get a sip of water. Or throwing up in the middle of the night--alone--wondering if they can dump their own puke bucket.  It breaks my heart.

Our poor children are not made to keep up with our intense schedule. Rush here, rush there, sleep over night there and this or that person will pick you up when you need them to.  

Kids need their Moms. Period.  Especially when they are sick.  I am passionate about this and i know it will bug some of you busy-bees(that's my nice way of saying it), but that's life, i guess. I get annoyed when you bring your sick kid in public so you can get annoyed at my passions on this subject. 

The reason i am ranting about this is because i am so frustrated with it!! What will happen to our next generation when they don't even have a firm foundation of home?  Why is there nothing different about it? Nothing comforting, nothing reassuring, nothing slow, nothing warm, nothin embracing or refreshing?

And why aren't more people concerned about it?

Home has just become the next stop before a recital, program, conference, group, class, or work. 

And that makes me really sad...


  1. Agree, great post! I'm so thankful I can stay home with my kids and be there for them in the healthy days and sick days. The best memories I have are just being home alone, playing with made-up things while my mom washed the kitchen floors and cleaned up the whole house. I know this post isn't really about stay at home moms, but it made me think of that. I know friends who work and when their kid gets sick, heaven forbid they take a sick day, they try to find other people to watch their kids when they are too sick for daycare. Poor things. Loved your perspective!!