Monday, December 30, 2013

Goodbye 2013

Its coooooming-- I can feel it in the air. (Heck, i can feel it in my tight waistband)


And you know what that means? Time to take a few moments to think about the old and ring in the new!

I think the year 2013 at our house can best be best described in a few lyrics by the one and only Miley "not so Disney anymore" Cyrus.


"2013 Came in like a wreeeeecking baaaaaaalllllllll....."

Okay, as i look back over the year I have continued to love Jimmy Fallon--though I don't love the enormous amount of success he has reached--because now eveyones jumping on the Jimmy train and I liked it better when it was more intimate, you know--just me a Jimmy and a few other night owls. But for him--i suppose i am glad.

If i had to pick a surprise movie that had me at the edge of my seat it would be "Prisoners". It definitely was hard to watch at times and very "real" and i enjoyed it alot. Although about 5 minutes into the movie Jeromy looked over at me (after the child had been kidnapped) and said " I do NOT  like this show." And i agreed.  But it had been recommended to us and i was hooked. And then about 3/4 into the show I looked over at Jeromy and said, "If this is the end of the movie then this is the worst show i have EVER SEEN!!!!"  But alas, i enjoyed the stress of it and came away with a sore jaw and a headache.  So for me--two thumbs up!! I like movies that make me think. And this didn't disappoint. (reminder--i said its hard to watch--especially as a parent)

Also, i have come to the conclusion that if i was a producer/director i would like to keep a few actors in my back pocket--kind of like Scorsese does with DiCaprio. I find Casey Affleck mesmerizing. I love his face, his high raspy-ish voice, his light accent and just about everything else about him. If he's in it--i'm watching it. I also love the kid who plays the brother "Roderick" from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. He is hilarious. And Jake Gyllenhal. Those are my guys. Talent. Not just blockbuster guys--but real actors actors. Indy films that mean something, say something, make you feel something. (okay, maybe not the Wimpy kid actor, but the other two. Him i just really like.)

If i could describe the perfect night, it would be about 10 pm. No one else would be up.  Me in my jams in front of the TV awaiting an intense drama to start. Heaven. That is what i enjoy.

I find that sometimes when i am out with my friends---i wonder what's on tv.

 Although if i'm with a really good friend--we probably already have the TV on!

This year when Sam and I were leaving Trader Joes, i hit the button to open my back hatch on the van and it automatically opened (and it was snowing super hard) and as i walked towards it, i forgot that my hatch doesn't stay open in the cold weather and just as i got to the back of the van...SMACK!!!  The hatch fell down--cracking me straight on top my head--crushing my teeth together. It hurt like a sucker punch--i never even saw it coming.

In the van a few minutes later Sam asked me how i was feeling?  To which i responded, with crossed eyes, that  "I didn't remember his name." (Cause i'm fun like that, ya know.) And he said he felt so bad that that happened that he had a stomachache--and then he said "My twin pain is kicking in--now MY head hurts too...."

(Because i always tell Sam we are like twins, he gets hurt and i feel it.)  So that moment.  When his" twin pain" kicked in--reminded me that he is literally one of greatest people on this earth! :)

I have continued to embrace drama on tv. Though i have faced a bit in real life.  Like always--i like comedy in real life and drama in movies. Not the other way around.

If i were ranking my friends husbands (which i don't....or do i?), Josh Weinzetl would sit at number one. I have spent more time than i care to admit watching movies with them on their couch (maybe even snuggling their dog--you don't know) and there has even been a time when Angie broke into full on snore--which only confused me--but didn't even make me consider leaving before the show was over.  Like hellooo--i'm dedicated!! So, here's to more late night movies watching in 2014, Weinzetls!! :)

If i was to rank my friends husbands (which i don't?)--here is the one i would rank the worst---....

Gotcha!....Are you kidding me? That's a secret, sister!  But he's out there--and i know who he is--i assure you!

I think i have become a bit of a foodie. If its not good--i just don't want to eat it. It may sound lame, but its true. I'm over burgers i want classy food and i want it now.

I have come to realize i am a bit jaded this year. Seeing people for who they pretend to be in public versus who i have seen them to be behind closed doors?? It has confused and jaded me.

My heart broke when i heard of  Paul Walkers death. Its still hard just seeing pictures of him.

I realized that this past year when i turned 32, i have officially known my husband half of my life!! I met him when i was only 16?!? Crazy!

Speaking of husbands, Jeromy got me a robe and slippers and snowpants for Christmas (which i love) and when i looked at the size he choose, i realized that he got me a medium snowpants and an extra, EXTRA large robe....which made me wonder if he even knew they created tags and sizes for things, but then as i thought more about it--i deduced that he got me a medium for something that goes around my child bearing hips and an XXL for something that wraps around my sternum...err, i mean bust.....and that is A-okay with me!!! :)

I love baths, books, and long walks on the beach. Minus the long walks on the beach.

As i go into 2014 i would have to say my favorite songs are Say something by A great big world. And Avicii's Hey Brother.

The movie that left me dumbfounded, a little confused and feeling a bit crazy was a movie that i-unfortunately-anticipated greatly.  It was called "Out of the furnace." But darn it if Casey Affleck was the big draw. At least i didn't talk Jeromy into going to it for HIS birthday....nope, wait, that's exactly what i did...lo siento.

Again this past year i have evaluated friendships and really thought about what i want in a friendship and what i have and i have concluded that you can't beat an "old" friendship. Because you just "can't make old friends."  That light bulb actually went off after a bad night with friends and a song that came across the radio by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers.(i had never heard it before) It is truer than anything i have ever known. I believe it, i live it and i am thankful for it. Always. And you all know who you are!! My old friends. My people.

If i could do life over again,. i think i would want to be on top.  Not for the fame of it, but to be able to evoke emotion through film. By directing, producing, writing, or acting. Anything. I would just love to be part of that creative process. To have that power--it would be exhilarating to create the kind of things that i love-and to share them with others.

I continue to love television and movies--obviously--and i stand by it.  So don't even start it with me if you disagree.

I enjoyed making sauerkraut this year with my Mom. Its a special memory that i have.

I got to see the Pink concert from the FRONT ROW, with my beautiful and wonderful friend, Jenny. And it is a memory that i think about--and smile about--almost daily! Thank you.

I made ricotta cheese (well, watched the process) using the fresh goat milk that we just collected, at a friends house and its something that i think about--alot.

I experienced lice for the first time this year.  Not cool.

I believe that piracy actually IS a victimless crime. There i said it. What?  (disclaimer: I actually don't know how to and never have done it-just to clarify in case the government is reading this.)  Its just that that think that comes across the screen before movies is so annoying.

Best new television series? Easily, The Blacklist. Its so great. James Spader? Yes, please.I can hardly wait for the season to start up again.

I realized that i really do like my dog. After he was sick and i though he was dying.

I literally got mad at Jeromy once when we were talking about what we would do if we won the lottery and he wanted a brand new truck. Brand new?!? "Ummm, that's a waste--isn't a 2013 truck equally as good and more sensible?" Yea--that's what i thought.  (lets just say that the rest of the car ride was a quite one. Ha!)

Which leads me to the fact that Jeromy pointed out that when i argue with him i sometimes talk like "The girl you wish you never started a conversation with at a party" from SNL. So now if we are ever in an argument he sometimes starts to laugh---which makes me smile because i know he's hearing "her".  Ha. Its kinda funny and it can really diffuse an argument quickly. So now i really play it up. This isn't the clip i wanted to show but I couldn't get the other one to copy for some reason. But i think you get the my drift. Right? She's a hoot. I randomly throw out "Pick a hand, Seth." when Jeromy and i are talking.

I have found who i am, a bit, more this year. By knowing what i will stand for and what i don't. By what i will tolerate and what i won't.

I want to continue to grow.

Not physically though--please, Lord, not physically. Before long, i'll be ducking through doorways and splitting the seams of my pants. (my MEDIUM sized pants, dontchaknow)

I've been burned this year.

I've realized that parenting is getting harder and harder. And its not something to take lightly.

I've adopted a "who cares" attitude about things i can't change. (mostly)

Our kids make Jeromy and I laugh on a daily basis and we thoroughly enjoy them and all their crazy antics.

I've realized that there is no one i would rather watch a movie with then Jeromy Boone. On our couch, alone, at home. Because after 10 years of marriage--we just get each other and its so natural to be together. I told him just last night that marriage is hard because but you just kinda gotta "do it" ya know?  You actually become like one another after a while. Whether you intended to or not.  And i think that's a good thing. Or at least i hope so, cause that is what we have done. We are "one" now. One-big-weird-person-that-plays -too-much-Tetris-and-watches-alot-of-nighttime-television :)

Now, if i am dissecting a movie or talking about it--Then there is no one that i would rather do that with then my brother. Sam and i can go layer upon layer into a show and talk deeper than anyone--and really get it.

My big accomplishment of 2013 is getting him to watch the movie "Warrior". It has UFC fighting in it and Sam loathes fighting movies, but the last 30 minutes has more emotion, more depth, more layers, and more unspoken revelations that just about any other show i have ever seen. So i pushed and pushed for him to watch it so we could "Please just talk about it!!" And it did take ALOT of hounding to finally get him to sit down and watch the whole show. But alas when he finally gave in, he "got it" and now he advocates for it as well.  Yes!!

I also feel like this year, if i had to get into a fist fight with a particular person? I might just welcome it. ;) But that's all i have to say about that.

So as 2013 comes to a close and i think about the past year--i can say its been quite the ride.

What started out as the worst year of our life has now--thankfully-- almost come to a close and we can truly say we are seeing the silver lining. And for that--we are very thankful.

We won't go into 2014 with loose ends and headaches. Its up hill from here. We can almost taste it.

My resolutions are many.

But this year, i m not sharing them. 'Cause they are important to me and not something i am going to shout from the roof tops.  They are mine. And they are going to be private.

Another thing i am learning....some things are to remain off limits.

Don't be a grouch about the New Year. Don't brush it off and say resolutions are just another thing we "fail at." (i'm talking to you, Alamo)

Make them. Fail. It doesn't matter.

Think about last year. Ask yourselves questions. Evaluate. Talk. If nothing else, get a conversation going. You might just be surprised where it takes you.

Plan, be better, do more, think, read, explore, love, learn, take time for others, reach for the stars, dream big, think outside the box, don't count yourself out, fail, but then get up and keep trying and keep thinking--because this could be the year when it all happens!!!

So here's to a safe and happy and RESOLUTION filled 2014, friends!!!!

As my good friend Garrison Keillor always said "Be well, do good work, and keep in touch."

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  1. Good job. PS - I didn't know you and Garrison Keillor were friends.