Friday, November 29, 2013

Life t' death

So here's the D--i am sure nobody is too concerned about what i did last night, but you may be bored and i do feel like talking! :)

Yesterday  we went to celebrateThanksgiving at my parents house and my brothers were all there and their kids. It was fun. Especially since we haven't all been together in a while.

We all got there and visited until the food was ready and then we loaded up our plates. I have no idea how my Mom manages to make the most incredible food each year or how it seems to get better and better? She is amazingly talented and i very much appreciate all the hard work she puts in so that we can just be together and enjoy every moment.

(Thanks, Mudder!)

Dinner was superb, obviously. And we were full. Oh, my mom even made a side of jello. Ya see, my mother doesn't even like Jello. Actually i am pretty sure that no one likes Jello, but every year she reminds me that the meal plan should maybe include some sort of jello? "Dontcha think, Christina?"  I always agree---cause that just what i do, okay?! "Absolutely, we do need jello, Mom. We love jello!"

So i took this picture of the jello--which turned out beautifully and tasted really great too.(btw) We just like to give Mom a hard time. So i though i should take a picture to share.  She's going to be really happy that i did-- i can just tell :)

Behold "the jelllo"

Yumm-o, right? Don't be fooled by the milky color. (or make a joke about it...believe me) cause its "SWEETENED CONDENSED MILK, CHRISTINA!" Or so she "gently "reminded me. Ha! And it was know, as far as jello goes....

Anywhoooo, enough about the jello.

Dad prayed and we all dug into eat.  And i forgot to get a photo of all the amazingly beautiful and delicious food that my Mom prepared--i was just too exited to care about my camera.

I do love this group! 

Then we went on to take our seats at the table to talk or in the living room to just let ourselves digest all that good food. If i am remembering correctly--it wasn't long before my sis and nephews broke out "what does the fox say?" on their fancy phones and we all laughed and danced (mainly me) and sang. 

I noticed the incredible amount of pictures that i  took last night of no one looking at me--they were too busy living life behind those screens :)

"Hi my handsome Nephew--just look up real quick for a picture. Just a quick one? Real quick? ......No?"

"Oh, my beautiful niece, "Hi!!  How are you? Oh, your having trouble hearing me? I'm right here? Just look up.....real quick.....just look up for a second......a quick sec......No?  Okay."

"LOOK UP AT ME NOW!!! Awww, Thanks guys! :) You can carry on watching your MMA fight now....."

The main even of the night was that i got stuck helping with dishes---Gag! We had to take a picture--i guess it was a historical moment?

It really was a super good day filled with laughter, laughter and more laughter!!! I loved it! The fire was warm, the company was cool , the food was delicious and the day was perfect!

After hours of talking, eating and looking through the paper. Sam and i decided that we were going to go out at 8 pm.


I know.

We're daring like that.

We were about to embark upon brown Thursday! (also known as Thanksgiving!)

Lisa headed our with her crew, and Sam and i headed out with our--well, us. Only us.

We went to Target unsure of what we wanted. We looked for a Tv that was on sale. Realized it was a "ticket item" and saw the line around the store and both agree to blow that pop stand. Yuck. No thanks.  Lets grab a coffee and hit the road, Jack.

We left towards Herbergers and then decided that maybe we could see a movie instead?!?!? Which felt really exciting!

We looked at Showplace and the show we wanted to see wasn't playing until 10:15. Too late. He had to work in the AM.

So we found another show The Hunger Games,"Catching Fire" to see in East Bethel.

We grabbed our candy and headed up....

Only to see the worst show in the history of the world!!!

Seriously?!!? Kids are watching that and loving it? It has a cult following and everyone is okay with that?

After the show--which was both literally and figuratively  DARK--we got into the car and had to talk out our feelings.

"What the huh?! THIS is what our teenagers are watching and idolizing?!" I said.

He agreed.

We came to the conclusion that the movie--filled with kids trying to kill their friends--was a movie that left you feeling "icky".

We pinpointed our disdain for the show by realizing it missed the component of hope. There was nothing to hope for. No light.No redeeming qualities. A world void of hope that felt awfully dark and well, hopeless wasn't one i would ever pay to see again.

And even more so--i feel worried about the generation coming up looking to ol "dead in the eyes-- Katniss McGee".

It felt like they trivialized the value of a humans life in that show. Ugliness.

We agreed that we would rather our kid watch Bridesmaids than the Hunger Games.  I would rather they hear a swear word then take joy in watching young kids kill each other.

And don't get me wrong, i'm not some ol' hag that just doesn't "get it". I'm hip to shows. I feel like i'm down with whats cool.

But that movie made me feel like a frog in warm water--if ya get my drift.

It was gross.

I explained to my brother how we are so accustomed to deer hunting and seeing a deer dead on the road or hanging in a garage that its no biggie, but that the one time i hunted with Jeromy and he shot a deer and i watched as it went from life to death?!?!? Traumatic--to say the least.

To see it try to run away and then fall and still attempt to get up even with a bullet through it?

It haunted me.

The value of life is something that we are losing. These naughty video games where we hunt and seek and kill other humans--its creating a generation of crazy-school-shooting-wackadoos!!

I know thats a big statement, but i stand behind it.

We talked about heaven and how we shouldn't be afraid to go there and that as Christians there is hope in that. But to witness something (even a dumb animal) go from living to dead--its real. Its a real thing that should kind of effect us, right?

(Clearly a human life is ten thousands time more important then an animals. So that's not the point here.)

As we drove, pondering life and all of its questions I put some words to my feelings and felt better about them. Especially since Sam had felt the same thing.

That movie seemed to trivialize the value of life. And we didn't like it. Period.

It just didn't sit well for either of us.

Trying to forget what we just wached we looked for a happier note--we talked about the fun day we had and all the good things in life as Sam continued to drive me home.

And just as we were about to turn onto my street,(in our own little happy places) a rabbit jumped out in front of us and Sam yelled out "Life t' death!!" and i let out a gentle (clipped) scream (as my throat immediately closes when i get frightened) and Sam hit the breaks and veered right as i watched the bunny disappear under our bumper. I held my breath and waited for the "thud"...


...finally we saw the rabbit run out from the right side of the car and into the neighbors yard....

......silence...... hand went up to my heart......

....i felt my pounding chest......

.....the adrenaline was pumping...... head was pounding.....

And then my mind remembered that Sam yelled out "Life to Death!!!" as we thought we were about to hit this rabbit and witness what we had just been talking--so seriously-- about....

.....And i cracked up......

...And then he cracked up.....

And then i yelled out "LIFE TO DEATH" about twenty seven more times and Sam mimicked my closed throat scream, over and over and over again, until we got to my house....

And it was another perfect night in the books.

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