Thursday, November 28, 2013

Bring on the Holidays!

Well, today officially marks the beginning of the "holiday season" and i couldn't be more happy about it!!I am anxious to head to my Mom and Dads house this afternoon to see my family!  I know that the holidays can bring out the worst in people some times and that many people don't even look forward to spending any amount of time with family. I get that. But i don't want to give into that.

Yes, our families can be a bit--eclectic--and challenging at times. But who cares. That's how i'm feelin' morning.

Honestly, i 've got lots of people in my life that cause me stress and frustration. Tons. People that i may even want to get into a fist fight with, you don't know.

But today, i am going to forget all the things that have been causing me stress and pain and i am going to focus on all that i have to be thankful for.

And that starts with my family. No matter how crazy we can be, i always love being together!!

I watched this video that i saw on facebook yesterday and i think it is such a great reminder for all of us who complain about--or don't show up for gatherings together because we are offended by the misfits in the family--to love them anyways.

This isn't the best copy if the video that I could find but it was the only one that i could link to my page. Hope you got to listen to what he had to say because it is a very powerful minute.

Very honest and true. Sometimes we don't know what we got till its gone. And then its too late. 

My next set of business this morning is Black Friday!  I know it strikes fear into the hearts of many.  You know what I have actually found? It seems to cause the most ruckus with the Christians??

I think i can accurately link the Christians who boycott Black Friday with the ones who have their lights off on Halloween. The debbie downers of the world. The ones who like to sit in thier house talking about Jesus, but never even turn their lights on to even meet their neighbors!? The ones who say it is "Satan's Holiday", so their kids don't get to experience the joy of being in their neighborhood--together as a family--talking to those neighbors and embracing their own community. It has always kind of embarrassed me, to be honest. We are so judgy and mean about things. And now Black Friday is one of them. Like its okay to be super offensive to the people who want to shop, while only loving on the homeless? Say whaaaat?

I see people starting groups all over trying to somehow cancel this day of shopping by creating other events that, like, 12 people go to?  As if the world has a black heart and they--being the saviours that they are--are going to change that? Its not about rebelling against th world, but changing it from within. And i think that is way more powerful than gathering all the christians in a house and ignoring the problem? Right?

Again, i think its weird.

For me, Black Friday is a day that i look forward to with such anticipation and excitement. Its the day that we prepare for at Mom and Dads-- as Sam and i sit and look through the papers and Lisa makes her list of where her and Jamie will go this year. Its about finding the perfect gift for someone else. Its about calling your friends at 3 in the morning to assure they are awake. And then calling again at 5 to see where they are. Its about sitting in line behind 6,000 other people at Target--outside-- in your hat and mittens freezing and cursing the day you ever thought this was a good idea. Its about listening to the people in line ahead of you and asking their opinion of  the camera at Target versus the one at Herbergers.Its about laughing as people show up with a blanket over their head and silently moaning inside as someone walks by with a glass of hot chocolate that  you would kill for since you can't even feel your lips and you brother hasn't shown up because he OVERSLEPT!!

Uhh, i mean, its all good.

 Its about community and its amazing.And i love it.

 I give you this beautiful photo that Jeromy took a few years ago--at 3 Am--because he we shocked that i was going to wear that outfit in public! HA! Whateves....its how i roll :)

Every year is different. Especially now that stores are changing their open times. 8 o'clock on Thanksgiving? Uhhh, i don't think so.  I mean, probably not. Its not likely. Unless we decide we want to try it.

When those doors open and there are scarves for 8 dollars??? Its like people become animals and suddenly the courtesy that we give each other on any other given day is lost. Lost i tell you. 

Sam and i laugh as we follow the crowd. We have a "herd mentality". Where they go---we go. They grab it--we grab it.  Ha! And there is nothing better than that.  People get crazy. Yes. But people also come together. We see the "Crazies" and we all look to each other for support.  Like a friendly eye roll to let that person know you just saw that other person cut them off. Its glorious. I feel like my goal is to just keep smiling and having fun. You don't know how rare it is to run across a smile in the middle of the night on Balck Friday. Its like an invisible hug!

Going from store to store in a mad dash--unaware of what for. Suddenly you need those socks since they are only $2!!!  Sure, i've been swept up in the crazy. We both have.  But usually one of us can remind the other to bring it down a few notches.  I will say one of my proud sister moments was when my brother and i waited in line at the return counter and Sam gave the women the "what for" and argued a deal--they weren't willing to give--into existence. I felt like I was with William Wallace that day. Frrrrrreeeedom!!!

And its a memory that we share and that we both still laugh about!

The beauty of coming outside and watching as the sun starts to peek up behind the trees. Its a moment you won't get anywhere else.

To be in the car with my brother, listening to a special Christmas CD that he has put together for this very day--and seeing that sun start to rise while listening to David Phelps--we equate that to heaven. Truly. I remember the day well when we sat there and decided--unanimously--that this might be what its like in heaven. The music. The beauty. The company.

And it was good.

It wasn't evil, savage, or selfish.

It was warm, loving, caring and breathtaking.

Nomatter how crazy it gets or if i return home with an empty van--its always worth a million dollars in the moments shared and the memories made.

I can't wait to see what tonight holds. If nothing else---i may just drink a coffee at midnight.

And that is perfectly fine by me!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all--and Godspeed at Target, my friends!! :)

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