Thursday, September 26, 2013

I'm grumpy

Let me tell you....

I love having chickens---but i LOATHE chicken poop....everywhere!!  Like, i was at a fancy place in St. Louis Park and i looked down and i had chicken POOP on my flip-flop...okay, it was on my heel too, if that's not enough to make you wanna call it quits on our friendship, i don't know what is?!

Lesson= if you have chickens. Be responsible and tip toe.

I love being able to stay at home and care for my children---but i LOATHE house work. Just in general. I am being completely honest. I hate it, like to the core of my being. Hate. And i don't even say hate--do you see how mad this has made me?!?  This is how i think of it-- Its like telling an artist that they have to play ball for the rest of their life.(i mean, right? Can you imagine?) Or an athlete that they have to paint, quietly, for a living. It just DOESN'T fit.  That is me. A big ol square, trying to fit into a circle.

Lesson=If your job is to take care of the house.....just do it. Get your butt in the cupboards and organize. I don't care if you can't see through the tears, JUST DO IT....  (that's totes on my agenda for tomorrow--tears likely included)

I love that i get to wear clothes (for many reasons, amiright?) but i don't love laundry. Or picking up. I feel like i am owed the ability to undress before i take a shower and that i can just leave the clothes where they fall.  WHY NOT?!?  I just don't get that i have to then pick it up,. hope i didn't get it wet, AND bring it back to its rightful place.....WHYYYYYYY, why do we have so much to do at home!?

Lesson= If ya take it off, pick it up.

I love baking.  Love it. I love the pouring, the measuring, the sifting, the mixing, the cracking of the egg (cause i love chickens, dontcha know) the greasing of the pan and the baking. All. Of. It.  But ya know what i DON'T love?  Trying to clean a muffin tin, or trying to get the cake out of the corners of a pan (after you've eaten it and neglected it for a few days, of course) scrapping off the cookie sheet or trying to get the peanut butter and chocolate goodness off the glass bowl....with your tongue! (right?)

Lesson= Just starve.

I love waking up and thinking about all the wonderful things that i am going to accomplish in a day.  But you know what i DON'T love??  Never even doing any of them.  Its like my body is programmed to get the same amount of stuff done in a day--no matter how. hard. i. try. (insert hand to fist...maybe a tear...nope, just fist)

Lesson== Set your goals low. Shoot for "just good enough". Aim small miss small.

Its good that my kids are learning at school. Right? But lawdy, the homework and the reading and the speed it is all done at. Its enough to make me stab my own eyeballs out.  Right? (i know Jen Hatmaker wrote it so beautifully at the end of the year....blah, blah. I don't love her)
But it is a fact, and it is hard. Or frustrating.

Lesson= Just ignore it and hope someone else will do it.

I love being really active with my kids and their school life. I love visiting them for lunch and chatting with the kids. I love seeing them play at recess. I love the politics that are at play (and i hate them at the same time--depending)  I love just gettin all in there. But what I don't love is that every year i run the half mile with Ruby and her PE class---but now that she's in 3rd grade, they upped it to a mile.(Waaa!) I know, i know, i can do it--but i just don't want to be all panting and sweating and needing of the water--and i especially don't love that Lydia beats me EVERY YEAR in front of the other kids and Mr. STUDnicka, alright?!? Its not my fave.

Lesson= Pretend you sprain your ankle half way through and walk at a fast-ish pace to show your "can do" spirit.

I love being clean. Or at least i kind of like it.  Its important. Especially when you wear organic deodorant, (or live with chickens, Guh) like i do. Yowza. You don't want to miss showering. Ya feel me?  But you know what i don't love? The process. Oh that process of showering. I hate it. Loathe it. If it were up to me, i might never even do it. If, of course that was acceptable and not gross and it wouldn't lead to bugs crawling on me and my husband giving me the cold shoulder. Seriously, otherwise, i would totally do it. Showerless for life??  Yes please.

Lesson= Wear Organic deodorant, it like totally works....for a couple minutes anyways.

Thank you for staying with me on this journey friends.  I'm sorry to say that I have absolutely zero point for this blog, except to complain.  So there ya go.

I think this just brought us closer, don't you?

Whats that? You need help with your laundry?  Ummm, i got a thing....i mean, I want to....but i gotta go shower, i have this big run coming up and then i have to reorganize my cupboards in alphabetical order while doing laundry so that i can manage my time wisely while i wait for my cake to be done. Okay? But any other time. I swear, i would help.

Seriously though, I gotta get dinner on the table while I anxiously await my friend to arrival, so that I have someone to talk (complain) to as we watch TV, paint our nails and laugh-- into the wee hours of the night.

Lesson= Get good friends. They make life tolerable!


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