Thursday, February 23, 2012

Be joyful, for Pete's sake!

Since i feel like life is all sunshine and daisys right now, i though i would put it in writing.  Because who knows when it will all change?

Today is good.  I feel joyful. I love my kids. I love the weather. I love the change of the season. I love the thought of new life just around the corner. (not for me...the earth) I am anticipating the cool crisp air of Spring.  The first sign of growth peeking out from beneath the cold earth (and then quickly being eaten by my chickens, i imagine)

It could just be the day. It could be my hormones (lets be honest) or it could be that i just read the letter from the editor and chief in Midwest living and that always cheers me up.

Spring is almost here. 

Forget the decisions that are looming over my head. Forget all the what if's.  Today is beautiful. God is great. And we are healthy.  That is reason to celebrate.

I believe that Minnesotans are especially appreciative of Spring. A time of possibilities.  The sun seems to shine brighter here. (on the rare occasion that it decides to show its face)

Today i want to forget my troubles. I want to embrace the now. 


1.) Ruby is safe at school. She is not on drugs and she does not hang with a bad crowd.

2.) Laney is not in Kindergarten. She is home with me. I am going to enjoy it.

3.) We might not have the best dinner possibilities, but we have choices. We can eat.

Today i want to choose joy. Because we can do that, ya know. We can choose. So many of us like to let life happen to us, but i truly believe that we can put a spin on it. Even the negative can be viewed through joyful, thankful and positive eyes.

So choose joy today.  It really is better.

(now, check with me tomorrow....i may have changed my tune)

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  1. Great post!!! Was glad to read this before I started my day!