Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My jelly jam tale

Good afternoooon!!! (i said it like Oprah would say it. So read it with that same enthusiasm, wouldya?)

I've had a great day!!!

Which is funny, cause i don't normally.


I've been under the weather of late. So......the fact that i can be vertical and actually swallow water too?? 

Best. Day. Ever.

Most days i have a "tentative" schedule and kind of rush to get my stuff done.

Like, rush to rest so i can hurry and look out the window. Take a quick bath so i can speedily read a book before dinner.

You know, important stuff like that.

But today....

Today, we just started slow and (even thought we hit a few bumps) refused to rush or panic.

We were going to the berry farm. No matter what time we got there.

After making a quick run to Cambridge, because a certain someone took my last check without my knowing, i got some cash and turned back towards Isanti.

I may have missed a road and totally went out of the way and then had to turn around and back track...but i didn't care.

I was breathing oxygen, people!!  That's all i needed.

We picked berries today. It was fun. Quick. And easy. I mean, my kids were so good they could actually be professional illegal immigrants. Ya, that's how good they were.

(Oh thats funny. Don't be offended.)

So we picked.

And we had fun!

And then we paid.

And as we drove home talking and complimenting our amazingly impeccable picking skills, i felt happy.

It was just one of those days that works.

So as they watched American Ninja Warrior and ate lunch i got the ol' idea that since today was so totally awesome that, what the heck, i was gonna make jam or jelly or whatever the heck one it was .And it was going to be glorious!

After i washed and cut up all the berries, i found a recipe and off i went....

It was so fun.

And i was so proud.

Cause i've never done this.

And yet, here i was, doin' it!


Here's my left over berries after i crushed my 4 cups.

Here's my crushed berries.

Then you have to put them into a pot with lemon and sugar.  And i just thought these colors were so beautiful that i wanted to share all 435 strawberry photos with you. Awww, i know. Its so nice.

Oooh, look!! Its boiling.

After boiling over once. Accidentally. And almost burning my hand off. Darn that tiny wooden spoon that i used. I finally, after blood, sweat and mucho thermometer reading,  managed to get it to 220 degrees. Booyah! Drop the spoon. No literally....i accidentally dropped it into the jam.  Durp!

That was a journey in itself, people.

Here is my little ol pot o' berries that i love like my own child.

 You can't tell. But it tasted reaaaaal good at this point!

I was like,"hold the phone!! My jelly-jam is phenomenal!!!"

So i scooped, poured, dipped and spun my way to little tiny jars of heaven.

Don't you suddenly just want to eat jelly-jam?! Cause i do!! 


Fugetaboutit!!  (<say it right, please.)

This is my glorious mess. My glorious little jelly making mess!!  

I'll be honest here, I feel like it won't be but a few moments before i have the Pioneer Woman herself, beating down my door asking me to be her best friend forever. That Ree. She's so like that.

I made jelly today.

What did you do, dorks?

Ah man, i'm sorry about the name calling. I think its the constant oxygen that my brain is getting. It feels so GOOD!

Maybe i'll whip up a quilt next?

You don't know..  

You just never know, Chumps!!

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