Thursday, September 20, 2012

The good day

Ever have one of those days that are just plain good?

Cause that is what i am having today. A really good day. For no reason. Well, that's not true. I got up this morning and walk/ran on the treadmill, then headed up stairs to get my kids ready for school. Got them to the bus, waved at the adorable kids. Got inside to get Junior dressed and packed up to head to Walmart for some groceries.

Got home just in time to put them away and get back in thecar to go to recess and lunch with Ruby.  And its was just glorious. I love that little school. I love that the kids eyes light up as i walk through the school, like they know me, case i am now the noon lady (recess girl) and they call me "the nice one." Which makes my heart sing, cause all i want to ever be is the nice one! (Yessss!)

Got to eat lunch with my girl and visit with her friends. Then we headed back to the class, and i stopped by Laney's room to hand off her lunch bag that i packed for her. And those kids light up and smiled and waved and I just LOVE THEM all!!

Then off to Ruby's room to talk to her teacher for a bit and she said that Ruby raised her hand and told the teacher that she had worked on her glossary words with her Mom the night before. (our special time after Laney and Junior fall asleep and Dad is at church)  Got a kiss from her and a "she's such a good girl" from her teacher and headed to the office to see if there was any openings for recess duty next week and shouted a "have a great day!" to them all as i walked out into the sunshine and headed home to get start on some chicken noodle soup.

The soup turned out, i'm folding laundry, my son is totally awesome and all is right in the world!!

Ever have those days where you just walk on clouds and all is right?  I love those days. We need to pay attention to them and embrace them. Lets focus on the good and forget the bad.  Because life is joyful and amazing. Even on the bad days, we can still find the joy,

Today is that day. Where life is just good.

Now, if you're having a bad day and this post just makes you want to punch your computer...i'm sorry. I feel your pain. But not today. Don't punch it today. Snuggle your kids, your hubby, your pet and just enjoy this sunshine and remember that Jesus loves you and that tomorrow is another day, and its probably going to ROCK!!

Can you feel the mental high five i am sending your way right now? Cause its a good one and its coming...

Smile on, my friends. Smile on!

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  1. Awesome post as always!! Amazing how we take good days for granted!! You are such a great mommy--your kids are blessed!