Friday, January 20, 2012

come inside.

Today Ruby stayed home from school. Yesterday she got off the bus, started to cry as she walked up the driveway and managed to throw up on my brand new rug in the entry way!  My poor girl was sick. But she was in good spirits after the puke.  Last night Junior woke up as i was watching the last show for the night and he had such a terrible cough/croup that it concerned me and i went straight to his room and snuggled in bed with him.  After about an hour of wiggling and wheezing my brain went to an ugly place and i became worried about the amount of oxygen he was getting.  I asked if he wanted some water and turned on the bathroom light and got him a sip. He thought he was going to throw up, but i think it was just the lack of breathing that made him feel that way.

Instead of bringing him back into his little twin bed for us to sleep i snuck him into our room as Jeromy got up to go to the bathroom.  I snuggled in (on Jeromy's side) holding my little man and praying.  We didn't know what we should do but didn't want to go to the doctor if it was unnecessary. So i moved to my little corner and snuggled my guy while Jeromy climbed back into bed.  At about 2:36am, I finally couldn't take the wiggling and discomfort that Junior was showing and i scooped him up and brought him back to this bed. I figured he would want rest and might be best in his bed. Without me.  I decided if i heard one cough that i would go in there and sleep on the floor, just in case.

But i woke up this morning and Ruby seemed better and Junior was still sleeping.  Like normal Ruby and Laney started fighting right off the bate. Nothing like waking up to that to start me tired day off beautifully.

I managed (barely and late) to get the kids in the car and headed off to Laney's school.  After getting gas (thanks the Lord) i got Laney there and Ruby and June and i were off to do a few things that needed to be done.  She felt sick the whole time.  Or she said she did.  Until she saw a McDonalds sign at 10:18 and asked for a burger and fries! Ha, like thats gonna happen. 

We picked Laney up and headed home and the girls were already fighting.  Again.  I do not get that.  Do not.

At home i had to separate them at one point and threatened if they kept fighting that i would split them up for the rest of the day.  Well, they made up so they could watch a movie together.

Around 3:00 the door bell rang and it was my little 6th grade neighbor. He asked if he could come play at our house. I told him it probably wouldn't work since the kids weren't feeling well and had skipped school. (well, one of them skipped)  He said okay and asked to use my phone.  I heard him call his mom and tell her that we had sick kids and then he was talking really hushed and i overheard (listened) as he said he couldn't find the key and that no one else would let him come over. 

My heart broke, i felt so bad. I told him that i just wanted him to "know we had a sick house, but if he wanted to stay, then he could". He said that was okay and continued talking to his mom. I moved out of his sight so i didn't make him feel uncomfortable.   Then as i sat there, Ruby looked over at me and whispered "I don't feel that sick anymore, please just let him stay here!"  

My little girl was feeling empathy for another soul.  Even at the age of 6 she knew what was right and felt it in her heart.  I chimed up again to tell him that he was more than welcome to just hang out here and play until  his Mom got there.  He hung up the phone and said that his mom said to stay here. 

I felt relieved and heartbroken as he told me that he had gone to his friends house and asked to play and the friend wanted to play with a different kid. Then he walked all the way back to his house and across to our other neighbor and asked if he could stay there. They had a bowling thing to get to.  So he went to another house and asked and then back to use the phone to call his mom. She said to come here.  And he did.  I couldn't believe that he was just out there walking around in the cold with no place to go.  I know it sounds dramatic, but this beautiful little miracle of a child needed a place to get warm and almost couldn't find it. In my neighborhood. My state. Our country. 

I keep thinking what he would have done if he hadn't come here.  I suppose someone would have welcomed him in, but it made me so sad to think that he was out there wandering in the frigid Minnesota weather. No gloves or hat, just a hooded sweatshirt..

Laney couldn't welcome him downstairs to play, fast enough.  I wrangled up some food and found a reason to clean the downstairs living room as we chatted and hung out.

Among all the fighting that goes on between the girls here, i feel so proud that they showed love today.  It may seem like a small thing. And i know they are loving. But above all else, i want my kids to reach out, especially to someone who is hurting or with no place to go. 

I am proud of the love i saw today.  So proud...

My prayer is that my kids grow up to love God and others...before themselves.

Matthew 25: 40 "I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me."

Its as easy as saying "yes" to a simple need.


  1. Beautiful. It's times like that that show what a good job you're doing as a mom.

  2. LOVE this. Of course your kids get it...because they see it in you. Love you all.

  3. Far too few in our culture demonstrate the mercies and sympathy of Christ Who is touched with not just our weaknesses, but even the feelings that emanate from those weakneses [Heb.2:17-18] and your little brood have given us a pattern of excellence to trace...thanks!!